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Hello I am a Doctor and totally pi^&ed off at these lousey excuse for an airlines . . . . .

This is my story - I booked a flight from Columbus Ga to West Palm Beach and . . . . .

These inept *** booked it from Columbus OH . . . . .

What the $%^& !!! Really?????

Who knows geography at this airlines (loosely used term)????

They admitted it was a mistake . ..

They made a feeble attempt to say it was booked by a "third party" . . . . .

Nice try . . . I the 1st party booked it . . . myself!!!!

And now thier mistake is out of my pocket because I had to pay for their dropped ball. . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Ever Again

I will Drive before I Fly with these Jokers!!!

Dr Grego

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

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"Hello I am a Doctor" I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV and I'm here to tell you that you're more than likely the inept moron who can't spell. "Nice try .

. . I the 1st party booked it . .

. myself!!!!" They were being nice... They now it was YOU who messed up the reservation. Tell me this, did you bother to proof what you booked before hitting agreeing to the terms or were you out of your mind and/or in a rush?

Yeah... this is on you Dr.

Clown.... At least be an adult and admit to your mistake...