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After a delay flying into Chicago from Mexico, we arrived at 3:00AM missing our 9:15PM (previous day) flight to BWI. We went to the service desk and they booked us on a 7:00AM flight to BWI.

We figured sleepless night in an airport, fine lets just get on the flight and get home. Well our 7:00AM was delayed several times before being cancelled, as were the next 3 flights we were re-booked on. This was apparently due to no pilots or crew. They fed us lines about weather etc, but mostly there was just some rain, I have flown in worse.

As for the no crew, there were pilots and crew galore walking about the terminal without a care in the world. The airport was mobbed and stacked with people trying to get out. We then went for a 4:00 flight to an airport in DC, not our desired destination, but it would get us close to home. This flight was delayed for over an 1.5 hours, then we were boarded and told "the pilot just got in and is on his way over", after sitting in the plane for an hour, we were deboarded as they "lost communication with the pilot" and had no crew but we would reboard when they found them.

SURPRISE, the flight was finally cancelled. We booked a flight for 9:00AM the next morning but managed to get on a 9:15 flight out on standy which was delayed about another 1.5 hours. Finally got back to BWI at 1:00AM the next morning.

The staff was trying, and frustrations were high, this was clearly a management problem as there were crew all over the place walking by looking at all of the frustrated travelers. I will NEVER fly American again.

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