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We missed our connecting flight while traveling through Chicago O'Hare on American Airlines. I dealt with 6 different gate agents and 1 gate supervisor trying to get another flight out.

Not only were they all unwilling to help, they were also unprofessional, rude and arrogant during the process. I also caught the supervisor in a lie which he was quick to deny as he ignored me while walking away. I have never experienced such disregard for customer service in my life.

The way we were treated you would have thought that they had a personal vendetta against us. Never will American Airlines see another dollar from me or my family.

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California, United States #879645

Dallas nightmare, delayed three times with good weather had us board the plan, then had us unboard because ground crew went home. WTF?

Next flight our was next night with two ore delays under good weather.

Counter agents inept with service monkeys laughing like this was all a joke. Never fly this circus act....see ya!!!!


Apparently people don't know what a terrible airline AA is; we didn't. Most uncomfortable, hard and cramped seats ever, most filthy, disgusting bathroom smell ever, worst attendant service ever, rudest and least caring gate attendants EVER, no accommodations for tall people or people that have different needs, worst basic cleanliness of airplane ever.

WE WILL NEVER FLY AA again and will tell everyone we know to do the same. The online reviews of AA, which we should have read BEFORE we flew on AA, say it all.


yes indeed. AA is notorius for their customer servcie.

As a former crew member with AA, I must agree that I have worked with some of the worst people that any airline could hire and that is the reason I am no longer with them.

My suggestion is to fly Delta. Even though Delta has their problem, their customer service is superb

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