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My husband and I were transferred from a Delta Airlines to an American Airlines flight. We understood that they had lot`s of people to accommodate, what we didn't understand is why American Airlines employees were extremely rude to us during the check in process.

We complained of having to wait in the line for more than 2 hours, and the employee said that we should complain with Delta because they caused this (very unethical), then when we got to the check in, the lady that was not using her tag name said that if she new we were from Delta, we wouldn't have called us (what???) then she said that we were not in the flight and pushed us back to Delta. My husband was very angry and refused to leave. One of AA employees said to another one "what an ***"and he was right beside my mom!!! Finally, after an humiliating situation, we could go and get our flight without having the chance to say good bye to our families.

I had never used AA services, never saw such disrespectful employees like that and I do not intend to use their services again. I just hope these employees get a better training and treat people as human being that have soul, family and dignity.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AA was correct, Delta caused the problem so if you felt so entitled to be rude in public, you should have taken your anger out on Delta, not the AA employees that were trying to accommodate.


Well your husband acts like an *** he should not be surprised to be called one.

to Anonymous #867233

You may find this funny, but I had to be very cautious around my husband. When he gets mad sometime she calls me a *** and sometimes he hits me.

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