I travel from pdx to Chicago , flying out if pdx checking in was horrible , there was a long line over flowing with people, only two of American Airlines reps was helping and the other 8 are standing there doing nothing , I was stuck on doing my checkin on the self checkin area and needed some help. No help they was people who are older with wheel chairs and families with children same issues !

Those people help only the 1st class folks they a big line but moving much faster while the rest of us are not getting anything done! They didn't honor military families or anything so much disrespect I've seen ever on my travels in the USA ! Finally after yelling , and turning red from anger I got some one tell me to hold on I will help you ! I have a healthy condition and had to embarrass myself to get some help!

I finally check it runing to my gate ! However they never have me a seating ! I enter the plane and getting move around and my check in is in the other side of the plane ! Finally went to Chicago !

However it wasn't any relief! I had to change my flight back home to pdx! Jesus they wanted 200 to change plus the remains amount to pay for the rest of the ticket! wtf that is more then my round trip !

Also it was over a month a head of time as well !!! I was on hold for a long time transfer to all these people different stories from each rep to each rep! I had a panic attack and just call it a day and found another airline and got my one way ticket for 144 ! Bad airlines all bad!

Never in myself treveling in my on nations have I receive this disrespect and scamming people !!!!!

Am telling everyone not to fly with them and not welling to trevel with them unless they change everything ! Cabin unclean , bad people , bad customer service disrespectful selfish in willing to help!

Review about: American Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $268.

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Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #749251

No doubts that it happened. Serious issues with your expectations. You have to read the terms and conditions for the ticket you are about to purchase. The change fees on cheap tickets are listed. You should have know that those fees would be charged and that and, if the fare was higher, you'd pay the difference. So that pain is on you completely.

The bad service from the gate agents however is unacceptable.


this is not BS it really happen to me!!!! I know I might have some typos but I have learning issues and have be picked on!!!

I felt they did that day never fly with these people NEVER!!!!

they mush change!!!!! must change!!!

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