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Update by user Feb 07, 2017

I just used an e-voucher from the flight from *** last June 2016.

The voucher gave me zero off.

I called back and spoke to 3 different customer service people.

Rodel NEVER took the amount off and he was the one who walked me through on where I plug in the number and PIN.

I called back again and got a nice lady.

She said she "canceled the last ticket $536.00", and reissued me o the same flight and the cost was even cheaper.

"You will only pay $162.00 with the $300.00 e-voucher". I got my VISA bill and I was not only billed the exact price of $536.00 BUT I was also charged the $162.00! They just cannot get anything right.

The VISA company cannot do anything because the voucher has no price on it. AA just told me in an email with the e-ticket as an attachment, that it was for $300.00.

I DO NOT WANT ANY FAKE VOUCHERS FOR COMPENSATION for your incredibly terrible service. #FakeAirlineAA

Update by user Aug 05, 2016

There was never any cash refund as I discussed on the phone with Connie Garrison. I told her I canceled my AA AVIATOR MC so how can they refund me?

She insisted they would mail me a check, which I still do not have. I sent in a formal complaint through DOT via USPS mail with my itinerary and a copy of the 2 1/2 hour flight in ECONOMY ROW 15 MIDDLE SEAT. Clearly my itinerary shows I was booked in PRIORITY FIRST CLASS. They talk but NO ACTION.

Vouchers are like a store credit and I plan to NEVER fly with then ever again. I now have "drop foot" thanks to their negligent behavior and may need another surgery.

Update by user Aug 05, 2016

American airlines failed to block bulkhead seats that are required for people with fusions especially. We require added leg room.

I paid for FIRST CLASS to make sure, and they blew it and seated me in row 15 in a middle seat.

I even reminded them every step of the way, to make sure a wheel chair would be waiting. "Mrs Blake, you are ticketed with a wheel chair all the way through."

I just had a CT SCAN and now and MRI is being ordered because I now have "drop-foot" from being squished for 2 1/2 hours.

Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2016

This airline is the absolute worst when it comes to accommodating people in wheel chairs!

I decided to pay the extra money for PRIORITY FIRST CLASS.

I called in FEBRUARY 2016 for JUNE 1, 2016 flight returning on June 30th.

The way down was fine.

The return, I have 12 voice mails concerning the 12 delays (they said it was "wet weather") but the pilot told us, "mechanical problems".

Of course I kept saying at the desk, "are you sure there will be a wheel chair for me in Miami?"

Yes, Mrs Blake, you are ticked all the way through for a wheel chair."

LIARS and the re-booking woman, named Carter, added another leg, gave us tickets with NO SEAT # on the ticket at all! She knew we had to spend the night an told us about the "distress voucher", she NEVER gave us.

I was so uncomfortable the next morning on the flight to PHILLY before our next DELAYED flight due to a broken toilet.

They had NO first class so they stuck me in row 32, MIDDLE SEAT, and 6 months prior I had a 3 level lumbar fusion with 2 artificial discs implanted. I needed to keep my leg straight.

I now have "drop foot" from my leg being so squished, in that "back of the bus" MIDDLE seat, I paid over $900.00 bucks for.

I had the CT scan yesterday so yes, I can prove this!

I did everything right, by reminding them over and over and calling in advance.


WHY WOULD I give them another chance?

Why risk the PTSD from the stress these inefficient, negligent, greedy executives do to disabled travelers?

Not only that, I had (2) prior flights out of MIAMI to MBJ, that had to turn around due to "mechanical problems".

Last week, a plane caught on fire IN THE AIR.

Once it landed, NOT in the destination it was gong to, they took it in for service.

They do not care about humans at all.

Money and greed are driving them. They violate DOT air carrier accesses laws, without flinching.

They tell you on the phone that "because you are angry, we are going to give you nothing more".


They want a THANK YOU for taking us 2 days to get home, plus over 29 hours in an airport, no WHEELCHAIR and an electric car with NO DRIVER? I wa abandoned in a remote hallways while my husband ran around looking for someone to drive the cart, to no avail!

I was literally in tears from pain and frustration. I had to hobble from that remote hallway, stopping every 20 feet, to get to a handicapped seating area. Why was I not taken there right off the flight?

Is anyone listening to any of this, and if so, why are you not fining these morons?

I am filling out the US-DOT COMPLAINT FORM and making copies of tickets and itinerary's, plus the $168.00 hotel bill we paid out.

If you are handicapped, stay far, far away from AMERICAN AIRLINES!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Rootsgal stated that there is a room for improvement of treatment and delays and delay after delay. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of american airlines flight 2446 and associated monetary loss in the amount of $900. American Airlines needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned american airlines flight 2446 in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at American Airlines. You can also consider other company suggested by the author: Southwest Airlines.

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