St Thomas, Virgin Islands
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After a very nice vacation in the Virgin Islands, we were very relaxed and happy. But, this good feeling was quickly affected by an incredibly *** and rude flight attendant (Marie on AA 1350 STT (St Thomas Virgin Islands) to Miami 11/30/2013, record locator pgtdzj). She had ask me, quite rudely, to step out of the galley area while waiting on the bathroom. I immediately followed her instructions. I was offended by her tone and rudeness and later ask for her name. She totally blew up and launched into a loud and very rude lecture. I was offended by the totally inappropriate and over the top lecture. Although I had done nothing wrong she threatened to call the police and have me arrested and said I was to do exactly what she said, no questions. I quietly ask her to leave during the lecture and she just got louder and yelled don't tell me what to do, I tell you what to do!

AA is famous for rude staff, but she was horrible even for AA.

I also found that attempting to pay full fare for a first class seat for my wife, who has a blood clot problem in her legs, takes seconds to AAdvantage customers free upgrades. Is AA allergic to money? We ask many times to upgrade at full fare only to be rejected, while they upgraded a guy in STT for free.

Plus we were told we were on the first class upgrade list at the counter, at the gate we were not.

Many years ago we had a very rude crew and were treated badly in DFW by AA and swore off the airline forever. But, we tried this one time again and it only verified what we knew. In my experience, AA employees are the rudest of any airline I have ever flown. Both at the counter and on the plane.

On the last leg to Houston, we also could not upgrade to first class. I had paid extra for economy plus but we were put into regular economy seats. Our boarding passes, issued in STT, had no seat assignments on them at all. Absurd!

This was not a bad flight experience in the classic sense. But, in my 40 years of heavy traveling, it was the rudest staff and crew. The second worse was almost 20 years ago, OKC to London, also AA. AA will not see us again. They need serious customer service training!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

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