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Both of my daughters recently flew on American on separate trips and had connecting flights. Both of them had their luggage "misplaced" for 5 days for one and we are now going on 2 days for the other (and that is just coming from Miami to Orlando, Florida). The worst thing is that they don't even know where it is when you call nor can they give you an estimate as to when it will show up. The first daughter missed her connection due to weather. Ok - that happens. But their communication was HORRENDOUS! Rude, inconsistent - about 3 times she was told that she could board, then she couldn't and when she was finally not able to board, she had to ask and be told. She waited 5 days for her luggage to be delivered to her on an international trip. She was the only one of her party of 30 whose luggage was “lost”, so you can imagine how difficult that was.

My other daughter was flying from Los Angeles back to Orlando via Atlanta and Miami, unfortunately. She went to the check in desk with her luggage, to make sure that her luggage would be properly linked between the flights. They directed her to the self check stands, even though she expressed concern that she would not be able to do this there. They repeated the request. The line was huge at the self check and she was unable to do what she needed. She asked for assistance and it took at least 15 more minutes for the person there to help because they did not know what the problem was. Very inefficient and poorly trained, I guess.

My daughter specifically asked about her connecting flight before she boarded in Atlanta for Miami, because they were late, and was patronizingly told it will be "fine". She ran off the plane and got to the gate and they were still waiting for flight attendants and someone for the jump seat, as she heard the gate attendant say to the pilot sitting there. The gate attendant was on the phone so waved her to the desk, looked at her paperwork, spoke to the pilot sitting there and not to her, then, after a few minutes, handed her the boarding pass and directed her to the re-booking desk, saying the doors were closed. This was at about midnight. She asked about his comment that they were still waiting for a flight attendant and someone flying in the jump seat. The response was a repeat that the door was closed and she would have to go to rebooking. The next flight out was at 7 am.

My daughter tried to speak with the person at the re-booking desk about the situation. She was uncaring and basically told my daughter that the conversation she had overheard was not true. My daughter was so exhausted after getting only about 4 hours of sleep that she started crying out of frustration. No sympathy - just stay in the airport all night. No offers of a food voucher, no blanket or pillow - no, "I'm sorry".

While she spent the night in the Miami airport – a young girl alone in an almost empty airport – sitting on the floor, she said there was someone down the way that kept shouting “Help”, over and over again. She said that employees walked by that area, slowed down and then just kept going. She finally walked down to peek and see if someone was in trouble and saw a man going through his bags and crying “Help” loudly. She asked someone about calling security but they just ignored her. Then he started walking down the terminal, continuing to shout. Is this man mentally deranged or what? Don’t you think it would be good for security to talk to him and make sure that those unfortunate souls spending the night in the airport are safe? Nope.

So, what happened was that they gave her seat away and just are dishonest enough to lie about it. They really care nothing for the passengers but just getting a paycheck. The employees presume that their job will always be there – and clearly the company does not care about customer service but just getting full flights out. If I behaved that way at my job, I would be fired - and rightly so.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Rude staff, Lack of help resolving issues, Re-booking.

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