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We just had the worst flight experience ever. To top it off the Flight Attendant lied to us and the Customer Relations department said they cannot prove a thing and basically called me a liar. Her name is (Rose)

Flight 10/3/2016 #1657

We paid the upgrade of $61 per seat to sit up front.

My wife and I take out seats. The flight was about 3/4 full most of the middle seats were open. About 3 rows back a guy was sitting in the middle and wanted to move up to our row because the Aisle seat was open. The seat he was in was free. About 15 minutes in the air. He comes up and sits in the aisle seat. " I kindly asked if this was the seat he paid for and was assigned to. He said "No, it was open so the Flight Attendant said I could sit here" At that time the flight attendant was walking by so i asked him. And he completely lied and said " His seat was broken" totally opposite of what the guy just said. The American Airlines Flight attendant completely lied in front of all of us. I told him that I had to pay $61 per seat to sit here why can someone who didn't pay for their seat can sit in the upgraded seat. The seats behind me were free. I would like my money back or at least this guy has to pay for the upgrade. He ignored me and said take it up with Corporate. The seat purchase at AA is a complete sham. When you feel the urge to pay for a good seat. Don't do it, wait till the flight and choose whatever empty seat is available.

I called and spoke to Rose who by the way would not let me speak to a Manager, said How do I know the seat wasn't broken. I told her first of all they were talking about moving to that seat. The guy told me that the Flight Attendant said he could sit there. If that were the case the Flight Attendant put that passenger in danger by letting him *** in a broken seat in which I was told that was an FAA Violation! Rose said there is nothing they could do to compensate because I sat there. My point then was why pay for Upgraded seats if anyone can sit there. Do you think the reason it was empty was because it cost an additional $61 to sit there. Also If that seat was broken why did he not sit in one of the other 25 or so middle seats that were still open. Do you see the Scam in this. Lied to, Rose would not let me speak to a manager, took my money. Just joined the Advantage club, asked Rose to cancel she would not. She said I had to call back so I could wait another 20 minutes on hold. I fly all the time to Florida and California. Jet Blue and Spirit does the same runs to Florida - I will use them for here on out. If booking with AA I would suggest on holding your money for the upgraded seats. Its a Scam! Apparently you don't have to pay to upgrade the seats, because once you *** you can seat wherever you want!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight 1657.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $121.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Airlines Cons: Scam, American airlines.

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Guess you learned your lesson with American

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