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I've been a loyal customer on AA for over 20 years. I carry a cc to earn points to use on AA travel.

My status (even though I was given a life time gold membership) means basically nothing now. I booked travel for my family to go to Mexico over the holidays and realized after making them I needed to cancel. Less than 24 hours after making the reservation I was told by the very rude agent on the phone too bad, nothing I can do. Really?

She said yep that's policy. Can I speak to someone else? Nope, Im the one you speak to. WOW.

We took the trip anyway, because we didn't want to lose the money (thousands) and didn't have another date we could rebook. I just booked on United for a race my team had in Florida and we realized we had to cancel due to not enough team mates could go. Guess what? United reimbursed ALL of us the full amount and it was hours after the 24 hour cut off mark.

I think United is where I will take my business when ever possible. American's service and customer relations has completely fallen down the tubes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Unhappy.

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Why is Anonymous so aggressive in defending AA? Interesting.....

Captain America to the defense of the helpless Corporation?


Also the right to cancel within 24 hours does not apply for flights leaving less than 7 days from when the reservation/purchase is made. If you made a holiday purchase within 7 days of leaving, there is no 24 hours to cancel - the agent was right.


It all depends on the terms and conditions of the ticket you bought, no matter which airline. Take a look at the terms for the tickets from AA and somewhere it will state they are "non refundable." The tickets you purchased from United apparently were.

By the way, United staff are usually rude and demeaning to those flying in uniform. Best to book with any other airline in my experience.

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