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On August 1 we were flying American Airlines from LAX to SFO to connect with Qantas to SYD where we live. When my girlfriend objected to having her carry on bag checked to SYD the agent at the gate denied her and me and her three kids boarding the plane.

Of course we missed our connecting flight to SYD. It gets worse then we are told that our tickets have been canceled and we are not permitted to fly on American or Qantas out of LAX because of an incindent report made at gate 63. We contact the Australian embassy and they get involved and tell us if we will need to purchase our tickets but Qantas will get us home as long as we comply with rules. It cost us an additional $4600.

and we are told to come early to the gate to meet the pilot before we board. Okay great we have now been stranded for 4 days with no clothes other than what we had in our carry on since our bags went to SFO. Once again our hopes of getting home where our children should be back in school are dashed when the Captain refuses to meet us. We are finally told what the incindent report at gate AA 63 says, " Basically my girlfriend lunged at the gate agent and threatened her and then she was handcuffed by police who had to restrain her.

There is also mention of a bomb. Guess what I was there with her three kids and that is not what happened. She challenged the agent by saying she did not want her bags checked since it is winter in Australia and we still had a 14 hour flight ahead and would need our bags. There was no arrest.

There was no police called to the scene to restrain my girlfriend. So today is day 5 and I'm going to book and pay for 4 more tickets with another airline besides Qantas since they are partners with American which we didn't know when we booked our tickets on Qantas.

This needs to be contested. We are getting legal representation and I can't wait to see the video.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"objected to having her carry on bag checked "

As the kids would say, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

Your childish girlfriend brought all of this upon herself. I would seriously consider breaking off with anyone *** enough to cause a scene that gets them stranded in another country for several days.


Unfotunately, you don't have the courage to put your name to your words...Its what bullies do... except, we have different cultural expectations, you were in a bad mood before you got to the gate, as we all noticed, you very loudly talking, with aggression to everyone, but apparently this is what AA airlines are like..

I have been told by lots and lots of people this is the culture of AA airlines... horrible.

In Australia, we don't accept getting abused,As I only wanted to take a carry on our carry on luggage as per ticket we purchased.

I didn't want anything else, other than, what we paid for.

Even though we were about to begin a 22 hour trip, you didn't care, you just checked me up and down and didn't like the look of me.

For that reason, you discriminate and bullied and tried to humiliate me by screaming very loud.

Under the law, you changed the agreement without notification and then abusing, screaming, waving your arms with purple hair flying, saying " Ricky no way. Ricky, she is too rude." why am I rude, cause I wanted to take my hand luggage on the flight.. You need to apologize, to my children and partner, as I am not letting bulling and discriminate get a pass, especially with how you acted, like and out of control , no class and rude "agent".

I know who you are, I know this is you. I hope you have got over your insecurities and do not do this to anyone ever again, as you have caused pain,suffering and great financial loss, that will be sort after, with the determination of a lion protecting her cubs. i want a formal apology, I want to be refunded the 5 k in new tickets I had to spend because of your actions.

You went too far, with malicious spite. you will never be able to humiliate, abuse and discriminate again.


Jealousy and childish behaviour is evident by your post..

"You get what you get"

If you speak like that then you need to grow up and act like a woman, and show some dignity.

The fact is, you are rude, aggressive and provoke arguments.

Very poor customer service.

When we went down to qantas, we said we have a problem, they said, "don't tell me American Airlines..." That seems to be the common description, from the Embassy, to qantas,to ground staff at LAX.

Not one person said anything good about AA. Not one... now that says it all. Final note: I am 48 and travelled extensively and I have never, ever had an issue with any airline, flight, staff etc.

My history will show you are the first to do this, but I question if you have done this to others, as I would guess, you have done this to numerous people, with cause.. I would bet money on it...

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