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We accidently double booked our tickets to SA--nev er received confirmation of either set. Called AA after booking the first set and were advised that we did not have reservation and should remake them--we did just that.

When our credit card bill arrived we had been charged for both sets of tickets. Upon calling AA--and being treated very rudely--we were advised that we were not entitled to a cash refund but would be given vouchers that had to be used within the year. We are not talking about a couple of hundred dollars but several thousands. We were told that we sounded intelligent and should have checked out credit card company before rebooking.

Our feeling was that AA had advised us that they had no reservations for us and that we should rebook.

Our response from AA has been very rude. They did finally issue vouchers--but not for the amount that we were due, thus causing us to have to get in touch with them again.

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If you had gotton your parents help with the ticket booking this would not have happened. One would think that with that much money they would be careful.

Your own carelessnes and they have to pay for it.

Next time be more careful or get an adult to help you with the booking. You are ridiculous here.


I complained about them and they told me they were flagging me as "a problem customer". Now, I never fly with them at all and it does not bother me since they no longer have a flight to Jamaica that is convenient.

12 hours to get to Jamaica from BDL?

It is a 4 hour flight, they are ridiculous and I am so done with bad service. :p


Dispute the charge with the credit card company. You didn't receive the service by the accidental second booking, so they can't legitimately keep the money.

Since they also represented to you that the first booking hadn't gone through and they suggested you rebook, then you definitely need to dispute this charge.

Although, if the credit card company does a charge back to American, be prepared to never fly AA again as they likely won't accept your card in the future. Charge backs don't really sit that well on merchants even if they are for legitimate reasons.

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