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Complaint supervisor American Airlines

AA flight 3509/ 3569 (ticket number 2 176 4365693524 6)

I am writing to you for twofold reasons. It is presently 5pm and I have been in this unheated airport since this morning!

1) I am an airline pilot and thus have specific knowledge of how airplane maintenance decisions are made that leave the average passenger "in the dark" with respect to what is really going on. 2) I have a complaint with the handling of the above mentioned flights on November 24th, 2013

For your information I travel often and have direct control over what airline is chosen for my travel plans. I recently completed a long duty period in Dubai and travelled on a joint EMIRATES/ AA ticket hopefully getting me to Montreal. (I am presently waiting in a very cold passenger lounge and have been since 7:45AM this morning.)

I arrived in time at the gate in JFK only to be informed that the inbound flight from Montreal was "delayed". Upon its arrival over 3 hours late, with only a delayed departure posted on the arrival board, the flight was grounded for maintenance reasons?? We waited an additional 1.5 hours before we were offered the inconvenience of taking a taxi to La Guardia to connect to another flight. I immediately went up the counter to obtain information from Marie was the supervisor checkin agent.

Here is where I get extremely upset with your handling of this issue.

1) AA was well aware of this maintenance issue when it had a delayed departure in Montreal2) No information was given to the passengers at this time in regard to anything other than misleading information3) When the airplane arrived and was grounded a simple delay departure from the AA ticket agents was announced with hourly increases every hour4) At the rebooking of my ticket to the 3:35pm flight AA3569 did NOT include the most important information that it was going to be the SAME broken AIRPLANE!!! This valuable information would have been crucial in my deciding upon the best course of action5) At 3:35pm this new departure with the same broken airplane was again "indeterminately" delayed6) Due to your company's inept handling and misinformation I have missed out on personal family affairs and presently consider never taking your airline again for the remainder of my 20 years of airline travel.7) ??? If this airplane was able to leave Montreal with a maintenance problem then how is it that upon landing in JFK it was no longer Airworthy??????

I have now just recently spoken with the new counter supervisor Laurent, who is trying to be helpful, and understands my worsening situation due to the earlier lack of relevant information.

I want you to notify me by email of your intent to correct this issue, my extreme dissatisfaction, and explain how something so simple is so poorly handled with respect to dis-informing the passengers.

For your information I have been away from home since October 25th and I PROMISED my kids I would be home today to take part in the preplanned affairs that included their dad. Thanks to your handling of this issue I had to break my promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Rick van den HoefTyroleal Jet Air Services613 525 2065

PS…and so I wrote this email whilst wasting time in your cold terminal to finally board the airplane at 5:30pm thinking finally!!! But wait that's not the end of it as the captain just informed us (after waiting here on the ground for another 30 minutes) that the airplane is too heavy and we will have to dump fuel prior to departure!!!!!!!!!!! That in itself will take another hour!!!! Quite frankly your airline has come across as being totally inept and does it best to keep the passengers uninformed and irritated. Well done on that!?

PPS….It kind of makes me wonder what you intend to do to correct this as I believe I may just contact my brother in law at the Montreal Gazette and have him write a news article on your methods of operation.

PPPS….I have also become aware of what your maintenance issue was from this morning, which then carried on through the day. It was a flight control problem wherein everyone in maintenance and flight crew department knew it would be a many hours repair. DId anyone bother letting the passengers know? Of course not!

PPPPS…… I will let you determine the best solution of customer satisfaction. It's your call………


We have all been sitting waiting for the airplane to be de-fuelled and guess what. You guys can't even do that right because a fuel bowser showed up at more than an hour and I know it can't be used to de-fuel. We need to wait more time for the refuelling truck to de-fuel!! And now guess what happens??? The crew just ran out of duty time (16 hours on duty for them) So then we get a PA from the captain that we all have to get off the plane, without our hand luggage, and wait several more hours in the lounge until you guys figure out who is going to fly this airplane to Montreal. Now this raises a most interesting question. Prior to this eventual "supposed" departure at 17:00 there was a request from the counter supervisory agent, Laurent, due to the flight being now OVERSOLD, for 4 volunteers to give up their seats. Now here is where it gets interesting again in relation to your operation deceit. When I boarded the airplane, and was the last passenger to do so seating at the back in seat 16A guess what I noticed? Empty seats!! And I don't think Laurent got his 4 volunteers either. So……this to me obviously means that you KNEW THE AIRPLANE WAS OVERWEIGHT to begin with and yet were incapable of doing anything else but deceive the passengers. You guys are really good at that!!!

Now I have just phoned Dallas and spoke with a Mrs. Jennifer "Odhiambo" at the Platinum desk and gave her my email address, name and phone number. I asked her to have a very high up manager contact me tomorrow and give me the reason why I had to break the promise to my kids and not arrive Montreal today when my booked flight was 9:40am?

I have also attached the email address of many of the extremely upset passengers who also want an answer to why they were "jerked around" for more hours than they care to remember. (not to mention all the family member who travelled great distances, who were left in Montreal airport waiting an entire day, just to pick up their family members but were at times distraught because of the confusing information regarding the continual irregular flight arrival times, then flight cancelations, then who knows whats. Some friends of family members actually feared a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally arrived at "home" at 2AM.

From where I observe it your incompetence displayed today may never be surpassed in all the reset of my years of travelling.

I await your solution to all of us!

Captain Rick"one seriously pissed off passenger"

PPPPPS…..SInce your normal offer of 400$ and a business class ticket for the volunteer passengers who chose to inconvenience themselves for a few hours only to board a later flight I will consider this as a starting point for your attempted resolution. As you can see from the CC'd passenger names on this email there are many people who are more than ready to tell 2 friends, who will tell 2 friends, who tell many more friends about AA's "operation deception". And when we consider the marvellous "weapon" of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, etc) we will assume that your resolution will be magnanimous.

PPPPPPS…..When I awoke this morning my kids reminded me of my promise to be home on Sunday and asked the usual question…."why"?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Airline mis information
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Omg - I just read your complaint and received very poor customer service from AA over the holidays and figured complaining about it would not get me anywhere since I am one of many! I just wish there was a way AA could be accountable for their poor services!

Will never fly with them again!!! Unfortunately they just do not care!

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