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I boarded an American Airlines Embaer (small) aircraft. I am over six feet tall, and my knees were digging in to the seat of the passenger in front of me.

I nicely asked the stewardess of I could move to the roomier exit isle. She responded: "I am going to finish counting heads"--and as she walked off, under her breath, said: "before we start playing musical chairs."

AFTER she finished counting people, I moved to the exit isle, as I have every time I have flown on a plane of this size. The stewardess (who's initials are E.G.P) came over the public address: "did you move to the exit isle? Go back to your seat." I immediately got up and moved back to my original seat.

As I was doing so, she continued over the P.A.

system: "there will be a $10,000 fine if you sit in the exit isle, and I am not going to pay it." I DID say as I sat down: "I will take care of it," meaning that I would notify American of the way she was acting (as if she were under the influence of something.) She said over the PA: "good, because one of us needs to." If you encounter this lady on a flight, request another flight. She was also sparring with another passenger at the very front of the plane the entire time when she wasn't chewing me out for trying to make myself and the passenger in front of me comfortable.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: If I enconter Ellen G. Porter on a future flight, I will need to be allowed to change flights for no charge..

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You sound like a complete and utter entitled cry baby.

Want an exit seat, pay for it Want more leg room pay for it.

Please grow up or drive where you need to go.


That is not how corporate sees it; they have already called me an apologized. They agree that she was rude and handled it poorly. So, I guess YOU may have issues.


So you knowing buy a ticket on a flight that has a plane YOU FEEL you cannot comfortably sit in. Why didn't you pick a flight with a plane you could sit in nicely.

Even though the flight attendant told you to wait and you did until she stopped counting, you then moved without permission.

What says you are entitled to the exit row just because you are taller. It is good that the flight attendant held her ground and did not let you just run over her because you had done it to flight attendants in the past.


That is why you aren't on the board for American. They have contacted me and assured me that it won't happen again.

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