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On 01/22/18, Flight 2475 from DFW to DCA I was seated in 18D (aisle seat).My original flight from OKC to DFW was delayed without explanation, and my connecting flight left for DC with my luggage and without me. I was told it was a "weather delay".

I noticed two gentlemen seated across the aisle in seats 17 B&C. During the flight I witnessed your employee in seat C engage in sexually charged behavior with the gentleman seated beside him in 17B. Please note seat 17A was empty. Touching one another above the knee, affectionately scratching your employees back, kissing and watching videos that showed a lot of skin.

I tried not to look as their behavior turned my stomach and made me ill. I did not want to look or capture anything on video or picture. My phone was off. Additionally, I witnessed another flight attendant serve everyone on the flight cookies, until it came to your employee seated in 17C and the other gentleman in seat 17B, when she produced two large sandwiches for them both.

This preferential treatment was noted by myself and others. It appeared that the flight attendants accepted their actions, because they did confront them. Further, when I complained to the gate attendant who was stationed at the podium upon deboarding the plane concerning your employee's sexually explicit behavior. Your employee who was seated in 17C, came up to me while I was reporting the gross display of affection and video, challenged me and what I was saying.

Disgusted, I walked away and your employee followed me, and harassed me about *** ***, and what he and the other gentlemen were watching on one of their smartphones. After he continually harassed me down the roped off exit, where I could not get away he unnecessarily escalated the situation by complaining to the two Federal TSA agents about me for lodging a complaint with the gate attendant. I told your employee who was *** bent on harassing me to "get away from me!" because he was right up in my face walking sideways and backwards, I felt threatened and embarrassed. I also complained to one of the flight attendants on the way out about your employee and the other gentleman's behavior.

If this is the kind of activity you condone and accept do not expect me to take another flight with American Airlines EVER! That kind of behavior is not acceptable in any commercial and public setting, and the sheer disgusting and idiotic behavior to harass a paying customer is completely beyond all rational. I would hope that you and AA hear me loud and CLEAR! I SHOULD BE COMPENSATED, AND FIRE THE SICK SOB!

On another note (same flight): I can understand the flight attendant who bathed in perfume and appreciate the other flight attendants communicating to her that she over did whatever she took a bath in. Despite the attendant washing with soap and water, she still wreaked. I am anxiously awaiting your phone call and or letter. Additionally, I am working for the FAA and would sincerely appreciate your swift action, as I am more than dissatisfied with AA.Robert Coffey (540) 645-0721 Reason of review: Witnessed Sexually charged behavior of AA employee, and harassed by your employee.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution. I didn't like: Disgusted, Already explained in description, Baaaaaaaaaad, Public safety, Passing the buck.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Disgusted and Verbally Assualted.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Sexually charged behavior and verbally assaulted.

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