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6/28/12 my daughter who is 10 years of age and first time flyer and I.Arrived a little late so we could not get our 11:30a.m.

flight. The lady at the counter set us up for the next flight out which would connect with our original time in Dallas fort worth. Or so we thought around 6p.m. and 3 flights later and having to dealing with rude unhelpful people.

We finally got a flight to DFW. When we arrived there were no more flights to Columbus ohio. It's now 10p.m. and nowhere to go.

I had to get a room for the night. And try again in the morning. 6a.m back at DFW trying to get on the first flight out which is 8:30a.m, terminal c, then 1:30 terminal d, then 3:30 terminal A. Now when we get to A I had a question so no one was in the first class lane will before I got get the question out Peter at 12:00.

Told me this line is for people that pay thousands of dollars and he couldn't help me and to move to the next line.Wowiy the superviser on duty was no help either. So finally the counter lady at the gate was able to get my baby and I a flight at Cincinnati Ohio, we had to get picked up 2hrs away from home.

I missed a day of work ,2day trying to get home the worst flight I have ever had.And double for a 10year old.

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Monetary Loss: $1400.

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American really is awful, though.I was on a flight that was on the ground but delayed in getting a gate long enough to make getting on my second flight tricky.

I ran down the concourse and got to my connection ten minutes before it was supposed to leave. The door was open and a person was getting on in front of me. Except they slammed the door, told me the plane had already been loaded, and I had to wait and go on a different flight. The plane was still there.

I was there. They were the ones who delayed the first flight getting a gate, knowing very well there were people with connections on it. They literally SHUT THE DOOR IN MY FACE and were incredibly rude and nasty about all of it. When I finally got to my destination, I found out my luggage went on the flight they wouldn't let me board and had been spinning around the carousel for hours by the time I got there.

I haven't flown American since.I'm sure they don't miss me, and I DEFINITELY don't miss them...


Punctuality makes perfection


First of it is your fault of arriving late knowing if U come late U will miss the flight, then why U blame every one, Be punctual then U can avoid all this

Bangalore, India


I am recently back from a trip to Oslo and Dusseldorf flying on 3 different airlines.I will be flying American for the 1st time to Paris in August.

I am curious - customer service was AWFUl with United but excellent with SAS and Lufthansa. I have had great experiences with Air France as well. The word "benchmark" comes to mind.

Could we learn from those that do it the BEST?????PLEASE!!!!!


Typical of today's society. Someone else is to blame, naturally it's their fault u were late


Will sessa who is not American airlines and clearly has nothing to do.I've never been late before and had no clue this is how your treated if you were.

And yes they could has helped me at first class. they just helped someone else that was not first class. So for it to take two days to get home and miss a day of work YES I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. (RUDE & NASTY ) I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT.

( OVER BOOKING ALL YOUR FLIGHTS) I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. So until u have had to run around from terminal to terminal with a child.

Keep your comments to yourself.And get off the internet.


I see.So it's the airline's fault that you couldn't manage to get to the airport in time and then were forced to probably be on standby?

And of course it's also the airline's fault that your mistake forced you to have to get a room for the night?

And then of course they should have made an exception for you and helped you in the first class line.OK....


"Arrived a little late" -- very bad idea these days with full flights.

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