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I had a flight from nyc LaGuardia to Charlotte departing at 355pm when we went to board at 345pm the door was slammed shut in our face and we were told we missed our flight. The staff was very rude and we had to end up booking a flight through Delta which the staff was excellent and just lost our money with American. Staff very rude and unprofessional would not help us find another flight put us on standby where we were #27#28#29#30 and all the remaining flights to Charlotte were full

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Lack of help resolving issues, Unhappy.

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You were late. The staff did not "slam the door in your face," you simply were not there when should have been.

American Airlines requirements to which you agreed when you bought the tickets state: "You must be present at the departure gate and ready to board at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time to retain your reservation and a seat."

You do know it has been snowing, don't you? Seems like they did a pretty good job putting you on standby for another flight.

What did you expect for a princess and her family, that they delay hundreds of other people so you could come and get on the plane when you wanted? Of course Delta was nice, they were selling you a ticket.


Based on the rudeness, this reply appears to be coming from another AA employee.

Did AA give free tickets to above person ? I doubt it !

Once the tickets are sold by AA treat customers as nobody. I had my own experience and observed others on 4 such flights in Christmas season.

I wish AA staff keep it up, till more customers are aware and start taking their business elsewhere. That will serve AA perfectly well.

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