San Diego, California
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I am flying business class next week. When I got the "reserve your meal" email, I called to ask for a kosher meal.

After looking in to it, the rep told me it's not available in this market. I suggested that they get a kosher meal for me from another market-- they're an airline, it's not like they have no way to transport food!

She reiterated and told me to bring my own food. When I asked to change flights, she told me that I was outside the 24 hour window in which that was allowed, even though I had originally emailed about this at the time of booking.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Inflight Meal.

Reason of review: Failure to provide kosher meal.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Provide kosher meal on my flight or let me change my ticket.

American Airlines Cons: No special food provided.

  • Kosher Food Not Offered
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Kosher Food. Really???


I abhor American Airlines and their *** customer service. But if you want kosher food I suggest you find another means of transportation.


Are you serious? Did you really expect them to go through the trouble of getting one meal for you?

Were you really wanting to cancel a flight because you couldn't have a *** meal or is there more to it than that?

I'm guessing it's a bit more complicated than just getting a tray from another "market."

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