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Do not fly with these people. We arrived 30 minutes early for a flight in New Jersey only to be told that we were too late to board.

Which was odd, yet fine, we got the next flight. When arriving to Dallas though the plane was late for a connection. They said that it was due to a storm. We went, after several others to see what could be done.The guy at the desk started out normally , seeing when the next flight would be available and acknowledging what happened and while looking though his computer said something like "I can give you a discount on a one night hotel stay but I'M NOT going to GIVE YOU a free hotel voucher.

To which I blinked and said "We don't need a hotel". He got silent and muttered the information about the next flight handed us passes etc and we proceeded to find a comfy spot in the airport. We a spot, but not so comfy. The next day every time we tried to board (3 flights) the same lady (small staff?) kept saying that the flight had been filled to us and the same 5 or so people.

I was very suspicious the second time when didn't see too many people get on the plane and asked about seating and the lady reacted strangely and said something like Oh, uh, the um last few people just got seated..etc. But after the third time I politely explained to the manager the situation about the late flight . She then smiled and said something like since you missed the flight in New Jersey we don't have to do anything. I repeated myself and said that we and others were made to miss the connecting flight because the plane was late to land, they referenced a storm as the reason.

She tried to out talk me, wouldn't listen and I said that as she didn't want to listen I would like to speak to your manager, she said something like Hah! I'm the manager! I said No, you have a manager do you have a pen I would like some information, she then stormed off leaving everyone wondering who hired this person. We then went over and explained what happened to what seemed like a nice older lady and she was preparing to put us on a new flight but the manager person who had previously run off was in earshot and whispered something to the man beside of her who then whispered to the lady booking the flight(keep in mind this was right in front of us!) and she said something like "Im sorry I cant help you!

You can pay for another ticket etc..and the previous woman stormed off again. I said, no, we will not be paying you anymore money. This was in Dallas but the whole experience shows that the company itself is trashy to say the least. Money wasn't an issue for us but that could've been a serious problem for someone else in a different situation.

I have to think, what if that was someones emergency flight to see a sick relative, etc?

It is never good to do business with bad businesses. It never pays in the end.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

American Airlines Cons: Worst, Delayed flight.

  • poor acountablity
  • Meaness
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I think it is time for the Government to start re-regulating the airlines. The is a petition in circulation now and a bill in the US house. Below is the link to sign the petition.


".We arrived 30 minutes early "

I didn't bother to read the rest of your rant. Do you think this is 9-10-2011?

No one in their right mind turns up for a flight 30 minutes before *** and pats themselves on the back.

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