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I called American Airlines because I was unable to use their site to book due to their technical issue. The rep on the phone said I would have to pay $25 to book by phone even if their site did not work. The lady was very discourteous and eventually hung up on me altogether. Why are they charging consumers to take their money?! Especially if it is their fault in the first place.

I started an online demand to ask them to change this policy. Please join me or start your own!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Why pay them another $25 when you can go to a better airline? How long does it takes to book a ticket over the phone?

Ten minutes? So basically, they can charge $150 an hour and pay their employees $12 an hour.

An easy extra $138 per employee each hour. For the customer, you just get the same *** service before, during, and after the flight.


The sure-fire remedy, if your blood-pressure can take it, is to telephone web support. Believe it or not, when they confirm there is a web problem, they can direct the call to an agent and no fee.


I have had similar issues with American Airlines website, but have never been charged when getting phone assistance.


Banks charge phone fees . Book on the computer and stop whining . The bottom line is they want to keep the fare down.


I have cut back on my flying by 50 percent because of the way the airlines scam their customers.

I hope they think it is worth it - I cut out a few thousand dollars of travel because I am sick of them.


Wow for the bathroom! They may all charge but it doesn't make it right, and ultimately we as the consumers have the power ($$$). Thanks for joining my demand.


Unfortunately, they all charge that fee. However, they should wave it when their site is down. I heard recently (not an American airlines) that an airline was going to start charging for bathroom use..amazing.

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