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I was seated in first class (5B) and started to feel like I could not breathe and my eyes were watering, then I looked over to see the passenger in (5E) smoking an e-cigarette, I got up and alerted the flight attendant servicing first class and her response was, "Oh ***, she's doing what?" She was then showed pictures and a video of the passenger smoking. When I left the plane at LAX myself and 2 other passengers (One was an asthma patient) immediately told the American Airlines person at the door in the terminal the same thing we told the in-flight attendant, she called "Lana Star, Operational Supervisor," and we showed her the pictures and video, at which time Ms. Star went to the plane and talked to the flight attendant.

Ms Star then returned and told us that the flight attendant servicing first class did not inform the captain that the passenger in 5E was smoking or informed the captain that we had told her about the incident and showed her pictures. Ms Star told us that she couldn't do anything about it because the passenger had left the plane, to which I replied, she is picking up her dog at the baggage claim. She repeated that there was nothing she could do and for me to contact customer relations. I then reported the incident to customer service agent Jonnie (Employee # EN9)

The safety of my life and hundreds of passengers was put at risk by one selfish passenger and then overlooked and excused by a series of American Airline employees. As a company you say: " At American Airlines, we are continuously advancing our safety and security practices to provide our customers with a travel experience that is safe, worry-free and reliable. A safe, reliable, hassle-free trip is critical to the satisfaction of our customers" Well that was not the case on this flight. I received a extremely lame attempt from customer relations to justify the passengers actions. To date no action has been taken by American Airlines.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Public Safety.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Airlines Cons: Public safety.

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Should have said something to the smoker. Very weak.


As far as tracking down that passenger a gate agent or manager knows they can pull up the On List for your flight and know who was booked in the seat next to you/ takes about 1 minute and another to locate there next flight or their address.

There is no smoking in any airport/ especially not on a plane real or e- cigarettes...

I had a plane return to gate and passenger kicked off the flight for doing so... it is against AA policy and against the law..,

No one sounds as if they wanted to go through the hassle or paperwork...


Yes, e-cigs are not allowed, so yes she was in the wrong. However.....they can't chase a passenger down after they have left the plane for the same reason shop owners can't grab someone in the parking lot and then accuse them of stealing.

It would have needed to be dealt with while she was still on the plane. Also...noone's life was in danger. e-cigs are water vapor and not harmful to those around them.

I detest cigarette smoke and have asthma so I do speak with some experience. This was a minor inconvenience for you and not the drama you are making it.


Vaping is NOT SMOKING!!! Its LITERALLY water vapor with flavors added.

I agree that IF she was ACTUALLY smoking, meaning BURNING material then YES something should be done. But a vape is a vape. Its NOT SMOKE!!!

Im sure YOU would complain is there was STEAM rising from your food. Its essentually the same thing.


From your photos, I see a woman HOLDING an e-cigarette, not smoking one. I agree with the others, you really are out to find something to complain about.

Get a life! I hope this woman finds your ridiculous libel and sues your pathetic self!


Are you ignorant? Her series of pictures she posted CLEARLY shows the lady taking a hit off of it.

Maybe you are just blind and did not see it.

Also it is ILLEGAL to smoke e-cigs or vapes on airplanes as well sooooo yeah she should complain. But then I suppose someone like you who berates a person who has every right to complain is also a *** who vapes and disregard smoking laws and has no consideration or respect for the people around him either.


You must be a liberal democrat---always looking for something to complain about. When you make a series of mistakes early-on in life and become an abject failure your only thought is to complain, complain. Living a life of misery is unbecoming.


Give me a break. Your life and hundreds of others were not at risk.

You are a little dramatic, eh. These do not put out smoke, they put out a vapor which does not have a "second-hand" smoke aspect to it. Hardly a risk to others. It is people like you who overdramatize things that make life miserable for everyone else.

American Airlines says a passenger should not do this, but it is not clear to what extent using a vapor device is illegal, per se.

I think it is far worse that a fellow passenger goes sneaking around taking photographs of other passengers. That I find much more offensive.

Besides, the airlines handled this correctly. They could tell the passenger to stop, but once she left the plane what did you want the airlines to do.

If you were so offended, why didn't you get up and ask the person nicely not to do it, instead of sneaking around taking photographs and being offensive to everyone.



Uhhhhhhh your ignorance is showing. It is ILLEGAL to utilize Ecigs and vapes on a plane.


Illegal? yes.

Dangerous or harmful? no.


Anonymous you need to get a life

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