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Got to Chicago O'hare airport 2 hours early headed for Miami and then St. Martin for annual family vacation.

First plane was delayed. Finally boarded 2 hours late, waited at the gate for an hour, then the plane left the gate. We sat on the runway for 1 hour, then we heard there were mechanical problems. Waited around in the plane for another hour, then the flight was cancelled.

Re-booked by phone, but the agent on the phone was not OS approved, whatever that means, so she couldn't finalize the new reservation. I asked several agents at their desks to help me, but they refused, said there were people paid to do that. Finally found a nice agent, she printed out our new reservations. We were now going to Dallas and then Miami.

We missed the Miami-St. Martin flight, so had to catch the one in the morning (one day of vacation gone). The flight from Chicago to Dallas was without issue (arrived 1 minute early). Got to the next flight headed to Miami.

The departure time came and passed, we heard nothing. 1 hour later, the agent at the gate said he knew nothing, and would tell us what was going on as soon as he knew. Then all the agents at the desk left. We sat without knowing anything for 3 hours.

Then the agent came back and said the plane was leaving. We left 4 hours late and arrived in Miami at 2 am. The pilot wished us a merry Christmas and said, and I quote, " there will be a friendly agent at the gate that will help you with your missed connections." When I got off the plane and asked the agent if she could help us, she smiled and said no, we would have to go to customer service about a half mile walk away. So we headed out, with the two sleepy kids.

The line was about 2 miles long, there was no way we would get through it in any reasonable time to get a hotel. So we camped on the floor of the airport. We are now waiting for the Miami flight. Hope that leaves on time.

Thanks American for another wonderful travel experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Airlines Cons: Customer relations, Cancelled flights, Delayed flights, Lying agents, Condescending pilots.

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Welcome to flying today, once the airlines were deregulated it's been seriously downhill. Flying was a pleasure in the 60s and 70s.

It's cheaper now (sometimes, if you're lucky).

Of course, we can all thank our friendly neighborhood terrorists too ever since we invaded iraq.


You told me to stop posting negative comments on your own review because it makes you so angry that you want to beat your daughter and wife, and are following me from post to post as well.


Okay, now I know who you are, you are the person who is following me around from post to post. In one post you defend a possible wife beater.

Now I know why, you are one yourself. I am not crazy, you are, which is why your son wanted to get out of your house in the first place.

You probably beat him, as you have admitted to beating your wife and child. You are the one posting under anonymous stalking me, you beat your daughter and wife and I am the crazy one?


You are right, you are not crazy. Your post clearly reveals clear thinking.


Sorry addressed this to the wrong person, but if you clearly read that person's review he and I were arguing and he claimed that my words to him made him so angry that he wants to beat his wife and daughter.


I don't want to beat my wife and daughter. But I am glad that I finally found out that you are posting this *** on other people's complaints and that you are just a boy, not even a man.

You have done this on several others I saw where you said the same thing about people wanting to hurt their children or wives or they don't love their children. Your posts show who you really are and my wife and daughter are just fine.


Speaking of lying you lied when you said the line was two miles long. You obviously don't live your children enough to think about their safety.

If you did you would know that they delay flights, cancel flights for safety reason.

You would rather risk their lives and arrive on time than arrive late and safely. It is a shame that you do not love your children.


Most likely the flights were cancelled because of safety reasons, weather or something else. Your vacation is not more than other people's lives and safety, grow up.


Who are these lame people reading these posts and scolding us. Get a life.

Of course it was for safety reasons.

Everyone on the plane was upset, not just us. What losers.


I like how you call me a loser when you are the one who does not love your children. What a shame. If you are willing to risk your children's safety just so you don't miss your precious vacation you deserve to be scolded, and childish name calling from a parent, an adult?


Now you have revealed that you are in fact crazy so I am not commenting further.


It's Christmas. The busiest travel time of the year.

Things happen. If you want an uneventful flight experience them travel during a different season.


She's the same type that can't understand why there's always a traffic jam at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm while traveling though Chicago.

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