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I thought I was booked on Feb. 13th.

for a flight the next day at 2:33. The site was acting up, finally it showed I was booked. I paid the $195. My cousin dropped me off at the airport on the 14th.

I went to the ticket counter to check in. The agent told me I was booked for the 28th at 2:33??? I had to pay $122 more that day to make the flight. I had one small over night bag.

I was not aware of the 24 hour window to file a complaint. I had to arrange a tow service for my truck. Then I wrote a letter to the air line. If there wasn't a problem with the ticketing, why was I in the air port the next day for the 2:33 flight???

Their site was wrong and they are wrong.

I may not have been the only one screwed by them that day!!!!! I would not have wasted $195 for a flight, when I could have rented a car for under $190.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Booking.

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"I thought I was booked"

This pretty much says it all. You thought you were booked.

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