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My wife and I were scheduled to fly from our home in Tucson to Paris via Dallas on April 27. The following is what happened. And it's all true, I swear:

Due to bad weather in Texas, the plane was late getting into Tucson the night before our departure. In compliance with FAA regulations, the flight crew must have a certain amount of downtime, so our flight to Dallas was an hour late getting off the ground in Tucson. Not American Airlines' fault.

But our Dallas flight was diverted to Lubbock, Texas, to pick up stranded Dallas passengers from night before, we were told. However, these passengers had already been picked up by other planes. Our plane had to go to Lubbock anyway to take on fuel because the centerline fuel tank was nonfunctional. Had we gone straight to Dallas, we wouldn't have had enough fuel to land anywhere else had we been diverted by the still-dicey weather, the pilot said.

Let me repeat that: American Airlines knowingly flew a plane with a defective fuel tank. I find this incredible.

So we lost another hour in Lubbock and missed our Paris connection in Dallas by 10 minutes. Got to the departure gate just in time to see our flight taxiing away. The snotty gate agent there was no help as to what to do next, so we spent 6 hours at DFW. Another agent issued us vouchers for some bad airport food but refused my wife's request for admission to the Admiral's Club.

I find this inexcusable, so I'll digress again. Our missing our connection to Paris was entirely AA's fault, yet they refused our request for admission to the Admiral's Club, where we at least would have been more comfortable.

Dear Mr. Scott Kirby, president of American Airlines: Would you have gone bankrupt if you'd let us sit in better chairs while we waited out a 6-hour delay that was entirely your fault? Your employees knowingly flew a plane with a malfunctioning fuel tank and let us cool our heels in Dallas for 6 hours when we should have been on our way to Paris. And your people knew there were a number of Paris-bound people coming in on that flight from Lubbock. Would it have ruined you to hold the Paris plane for 10 minutes? What are your people thinking? Are they thinking at all?

Enough digression. In Dallas, we were rescheduled for our trans-Atlantic flight. But hey, we're not going to Paris, at least not now. No, we're going to London, then on the the City of Light. Fine, OK, we'll take what we can get at this point.

But wait. Yes, another delay. Now our London-bound plane is stuck on the ramp for some unspecified repair, just a 5-minute delay, the pilot says. But the mechanic had to be called from elsewhere at airport, so this 5-minute hiccup turns into another hour's delay.

The food on plane is awful, there's no WiFi, no movies, not even a damp face cloth for this long flight to Paris. horrendous service. Again, all AA's fault.

Because of that "5-minute" delay in Dallas, we missed our Paris connection in London. We had been scheduled to fly into Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, but had to go to Orly because of AA's habitual screw-ups. After yet another delay in London we got into Paris at nearly 8 p.m., 12 hours late. Every bit of it AA's fault.

Reason of review: Extreme aggravation, time lost, employees who don't care..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Airlines Cons: Customer care.

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I understand your frustration on this trip. I have had mostly great experiences on American Airlines and flights on the 777 -ER are great especially if you can fly business or get a business upgrade.

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