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AMERICAN AIRLINES- SHAME ON YOU. Husband misses funeral cause your attendant was over an hour late and you keep our money and say sorry our customer relations dept does not have phones you have to fill out a form!!!

Are you kidding me ‪#‎americanair‬ ‪#‎americanairlinesshameonyou‬ So my husband had a 5am flight the other morning and left work at 3am to make the 5am flight, to bad the flight attendant could not do the same or wake up or whatever. She was over an hour late so he sat on the plane for an hour before learning that no matter what other flight they moved him to he would not make it to the funeral in time. So he decided to leave the plane and come home to get ready to go back to work. Since he was going to miss the funeral he did not need to use the day off work he took.

So he calls American Airlines to get his miles and money back and no such luck. They refunded his miles but still kept 80$ fee that he still is not even sure what it was for. Then he is told only customer relations can refund this fee. So he asks for their number.

OH WAIT FOR IT!! They do not have phones, nope no number. When American Airlines makes a mistake they hide behind a form on a website. *** NO, he missed his best friends funeral he deserves to talk to a person not go fill out a form and wait for some PR approved email response.

I am appalled that it is even legal for a large corporation like AA to get away with having no actual people available to talk to their paying customers. This is so appalling!! He missed a funeral cause a crew member could not be bothered to sober up in time or get in up time to make her flight!! He cant get a redo the friend is now in the ground, no way for him to say goodbye now!!

AA shame on you for not having people to talk with and assist your well paying customers when they need you. You have a customer relations department that can not relate to humans only forms on a screen!!! THIS IS WRONG AND SHAME ON YOU!!!

Please share this and never ever fly AMERICAN AIRLINES AGAIN. There name is a disgrace to the USA, we are better than this *** level of care for the general public!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

American Airlines Cons: No one to speak to, No respect for passengers, Treatment and delays, No number for customer relations.

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His friend died suddenly without warning!! He gets limited time off so his only choice was to leave work at 3 am to take first flight.

He did not have 2 full days to ***. It's the airlines job to make flights happen. Switch out crew member or something. But the service an airline provides is flights at certain times!!

Customers rely on that!! The next flight they could get him on was hours from original flight not like an hour or two. My issue is the fact AA. Is a major company who has a customer relations dept but informs it's paying customers that dept has no number and they are only dept that can refund an 80$ charge or explain what the charge even is!!!!

No phones in a customer relations dept?? No ability to discuss problems with a person who has the power to help?? Only an online form and some 60 day reply time frame!!! Life does not fit in a drop down box.

Every situation is unique. Customers deserve to be able to talk to a person.

A customer relations dept should be able to relate to a human not just a online form!!! This is a problem!!#


Flight attendants as well as pilots have federally mandatory rest periods before they can fly. Your husband chose a 5:00 a.m.

flight. Chances are the crew to fly that arrived on a flight that was late the night before. If they are 2 hours late because of weather, etc the night before, it does not reduce their mandatory rest time. What happens is that the mandatory rest time pushes their starting time the next day by that amount.

That is why the flight attendant probably could not start the flight on time, and you should not smear his/her by claiming they are drunk or lazy.

Also, if this was so important to make this funeral, why did your husband chose a flight time where even one hour difference would make him late to the funeral. Seems like he should have taken a flight the day before.


If there is an issue with attendants flying at 5:00 AM, Maybe American should not schedule flights so early. This is an American Airlines policy problem and the customer is NOT IN ANY WAY AT FAULT!!!!

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