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I was in the Memphis International Airport in Tennessee this morning. And as my son was checking in his luggage I was told I couldn't have a gate pass! I then asked the woman "WHY"...she said to me"They have a deal with TSA(security). I said to her,just last month he was flying out of same airport different airline (USAirways) and I was allowed to walk through security and to the gate with him. All I got from her then was Sorry! My son is in the United States Marine Corp!

This ticket cost him $326.00 one way and I'm pissed.So, to whom it may concern he or anybody in my family or friend will NEVER fly AMERICAN AIRLINES!

And I hope anybody else who is in the military travels with a different airline also!

Thank you F.Moore

God Bless Our Troops

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You guys are complaining to the wrong people. TSA is a national government entity that sets the security policies, all airlines must comply, and it's utterly out of line to ask an agent to defy this policy. If you do that you're asking them to commit a felony and very possibly get fired.


maybe your som made the request that you don't come to the gate with him because you embarass him by treating him like a four year old. Probably tell him to use the potty before the plane *** and tell him if he gets homesice to call you.

How dare you act like yo should get special treatment. "disrespectful" you don't know anything about disrespect.


Oh, please. My husband is a Marine, but I still don't get to go past the checkpoint with him.

Just because you are the mother, father, spouse, whatever of a servicemember doesn't mean the rules should be bent just for you.I'm not better than anyone else just because my husband is a Marine. My husband is deployed most of the time so the kids and I live back home. When I take him to the airport when his leave is over, I'm not happy, but I also don't *** about not getting to go through security, I'm sad to see him go but I am thankful for the week I got to spend with him. Stop whining and appreciate the time you do get with your son.

The one person who allowed you to go through security that one time really wasn't supposed to. It's a security issue.


I will tell you what the problem is Gill, as myselfr being a an active duty military menber who has gone overseas not once,twice, but four times to protect not only my family, but you as well. One thing that means a lot to me is to spend as much time with my family when i can.

If that means i get a couple extra minutes to the gate with them, then call me unfair.

In my opinion, you dont understand what we go thru.

My wife had to fight with AA to let her go thru to see me come home once. We too have chose not to use them ever again.


Understandable you could say your goodbyes outside the gate, but that was uncalled for. The men and women that serve in the marines deserve respect.

They risked thier lives for this country and its people. How dare you. clearly you dont understand what its like to have a loved one in the service.

lucky you. :cry


What's the problem, just say your goodbyes before he steps through the security checkpoint. So what if he is a marine, unless he can walk on water you deserve no better treatment than the rest of the world who has to abide by airport security.

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