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I fly from Pittsburgh to Trinidad via Charlotte and Miami. As soon as I land I receive a text from American Airlines telling me my baggage will be on the next flight.

I waited 20 mins at the airport for someone to show up and take my information.

There’s a flight from Miami coming in at 10:00 that eve. My luggage will be on it and it will be delivered to my hotel. Needless to say, it wasn’t here. Tried calling them at the toll # provided at 2.00 a minute just to talk to a recording and get nowhere.

The claim # given to me at the airport was invalid. The girl at the front desk was kind enough to try and call for me. She got through the first time. They asked my name and told her to call back in 5 mins.

Since then, no one has answered the phone.

So I’m stuck here with no toiletrues, no clothes and a bad additive. I plan on taking whatever legal means I can upon my return.


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So, tell us---what's the "bad additive" you have? When you have more than one connection you run the risk of your luggage not making the connections as they have to unload it, re-load onto another plane, etc.

You get the picture. It happens.

Best to plan your flights with plenty of time between connections and/or just one connection if possible. Of course, a direct flight is the best when possible, tho I suspect not many people want to visit Trinidad.


Did I hear right? Did they just say that airline travel has become like riding in a flying Greyhound Bus? Goodness Gracious!

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