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Tamara Wells at American Airlines in Cary, NC forged my signature to obtain my medical information. When this was reported American Airlines they retaliated against me and also used their influence to get other companies and agencies to do the same.

Some of the biggest companies the use to assist them in the retaliation was Citibank (with whom they had their AAdvantage mileage program) and AIG (who managed their workmen's comp insurance) and these companies use other local companies, agencies, schools , attorneys, etc. to participate in this retaliation. They have use kick backs, contracts, business opportunities, offers of employment with themselves or sister companies. AIG has even used Deutsche Bank to filter their paperwork to help cover up their retaliation.

Someone coined the term "corporate sociopaths" to describe this kind of behavior.

I call it criminal, and violations of many laws including RICO. American Airlines is relentless and heartless

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You need an appointment with reality, guy. You are not important enough to get Citibank, AIG, and Deutsche Bank involved in your life. What's so special about you?

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