Herndon, Virginia

I call American Airlines customer service because they have charged me $51 more for my ticket and what they should have. When I explained to the agent that I was charged $51 more dollars he asked if I was using my iPad.

I said yes I did. He said that my iPad browser is not compatible with American airlines. And therefore my iPad was showing a different price.

I asked if I could get that in writing he said no! I was trying to give AA another chance but now not only is their customer service is horrible but "their browsers are not compatible in iPads"

Monetary Loss: $51.

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Here's a simple solution, there'a an app for that:

There's an American Airlines app for iPads only. There's also one for the iPhone.

I fly American and other airlines, and use their apps. However, when there's a problem, I complain to the airline first, then contact the FAA (1-866-TELL-FAA) and finally to the Dept of Transportation (DOT).

Hope this helps.

Sara L

Also, nowhere in the complaint does it say anything about accessing their wi-fi.

Sara L

SO_sad you are completely WRONG! I work for an online company and our website is also not compatible with Macs and Ipads, customers are limited in what they can do on our site with their Apple products. So obviously it's possible that other sites have issues as well.

Sara L

Obviously users have the ability to download other browsers to use on their Apple products, but the Safari browser IS imcompatible with certain sites. How does it even matter to the original complaint whether it's the browser or the operating system? My post was about the original comment that somehow the person posting was lying and also commenting on something not even mentioned in the post, so what the *** is your point?!?

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