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I was subjected to extreme humiliation and insults by AA's ground agent at Terminal 4, gate 40 on July 23rd, 2013 (7 am flight LAX to STL). After the priority class passengers had boarded the plane, group 2 passengers were asked to board the plane. As group 2 moved forward to board the plane, the ground agent decided to allow only passengers who had no carry-on luggage to board the plane first. Most of the passengers by now were rolling their eyes and getting very agitated. After seeing at least 20 more passengers board the plane, I expressed my displeasure to the ground agent (I have withheld her name to protect her identity), who instead of apologizing for the inconvenience caused, told me to move out of the way. I protested and asked how she could change the rules midstream. She arrogantly told me that we change the rules all the time and then ordered me to move out of the way. I was unable to move out of the way and she continued to scream at me to move out of the way. When I could not move, she became even ruder and insulted me in front of my fellow passengers. I expressed my frustration to her colleague at the turnstile and while I was doing it, she interrupted me and said you are a very mean person. She then shouted at the top of her voice and repeated it at least 3 times. I could hear her all the way, up until I boarded the plane. My fellow passengers were shocked and encouraged me to file a complaint. On the plane, I spoke to a fellow passenger (an AA captain). He encouraged me to put in a complaint, because he felt that many people do not put in a complaint and as a result nothing changes. He went on to say that no employee should be allowed to treat passengers like garbage (his words). The AA captain did try to explain why this agent might have behaved in this manner. He felt that AA was treating its employees very badly and as a result the employees are taking it out on the passengers. Is this how AA plans to get out of bankruptcy, by humiliating its employees and customers?

As a side note: recently, my daughter was also subjected to some very rude behavior by AA inflight staff. Unfortunately, she did not put in a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

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