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I purchased first class tickets from Memphis to Chicago for me, my son and his friend, to see Notre Dame campus and a football game. To make it special I booked first class.

Between my purchase and flying date, American changed equipment on the outbound flight, to a regional jet not offering first class. No word of the change in class, no compensation for dropping half of my reservation to coach, and worst of all, original seats did not even exist on the new equipment. Had I not randomly checked the website, my son and his friend would have been unable to travel (we were in 1A 1C & 1D, but the new plane didn't start C&D seating until row 3). Or were we all three supposed to squeeze into one seat?

Two 18 year old lap kids on the same passenger? On the date of travel to Chicago, American managed to lose my bag on this short direct flight. The baggage service said they would deliver it to my hotel in South Bend not later than dinner time Friday night. Phone conversations and internet tracking all weekend, but no bag.

Promises, but no bag. Guarantees, but no bag. Even confirmed hotel arrival times, but no bag. Nobody really cared, and thus no bag.

I had the privilege of buying a head to toe Notre Dame wardrobe so my original clothing would not simply decay on my body. That put "Fighting Irish" in places it wasn't meant to be! Sunday on the return trip to Memphis, I find that my bag was sitting in O'Hare airport all weekend, to be picked up Monday to deliver to South Bend. Huh?

Too late to do anything other than a slow but extremely hot inner boil, I just checked it onto my flight home. It arrived in Memphis completely beat up, torn, smashed and mangled. Unusable. It died a horrible death.

No joke, it appeared as though the bag took the trip outside the plane instead of inside it, perhaps tied to the back and dragged on take-off and landing. If the country wasn't so gun sensitive, the appropriate action would have been to shoot this bag and put it out of its own misery. They offered to exchange this new but dismembered Tumi bag for one of their unclaimed used discount brands that vaguely resembled my bag, with the exception of not having that attractive war-zone look. I simply asked for my bag to be replaced with one exactly like the damaged one.

I have again been given promises, this time that a new bag will arrive before the end of the month. But knowing what the earlier promises meant, how can I be confident?

I am currently a Platinum flyer on American Airlines but cannot imagine purposely booking another flight with them. It was the worst customer service experience I've had on any airline.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I totally agree. No one cares, no pride in their company, no pride in themselves.

Poor customer service. They cancel your flight like it is something we should expect...probably because it happens everyday with them.

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