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Thought I'd be ok with their refund policy when I had to cancel my flight because of a staffing shortage at work. Surprise!

They basically would only refund me $160 on 2 round trip tickets that cost apx. $800. and will not refund the cost of preferred seating until I book again and pay for more preferred seating. I am an AAdvantage member.

Never been able to use my points and now this. How in the world do they get away with these kinds of practices!

You know they re-sold my seat because it was only 2 days after I booked. I will NEVER fly American again and goodbye to AAdvantage rip-off!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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What gets me is this, you people have no idea WHAT you are purchasing. You just want to reach your destination as cheaply as possible.

Never mind the FACT that you are purchasing a prepaid trip. Never mind the fact that you agree to ALL the terms and conditions of said purchase yet have the sheer nerve to whine about it. At what point do you accept ANY responsibility as a adult? You want to bad mouth them because YOU didn’t bother to fully read.

How is that their fault in any way? You KNEW what you were getting yourself into before you ever made the purchase!! That is why the T&C is before payment. I would suggest that you are the real issue.

Stop for just a moment and look at the asinine policies and rules that you as a nurse must deal with. Is it fair to you when someone doesn’t like the hospital/doctors/staff? Is it fair that you have to listen to and deal with the moronic mouth breather because their insurance won’t cover X procedure? Nope it’s NOT!

You are doing the exact same thing. You agreed to the terms and conditions of the sale before you made your purchase. You signed a contract agreeing to said terms. Now that LIFE threw you a curveball you expect and now demand that YOU be given special treatment above everything you agreed to?

Like I said, where in this do YOU take the responsibility? That being said, how fair is it to them that YOU get to bash and defame them because YOU are unhappy with what you agreed to? Yes it sucks. I would be upset as well.

But this is why you purchase a travel insurance policy. Which I’m betting you skipped.

None of this is their fault and to be honest I really wouldn’t want you working on me as a nurse if you can’t even accept that this is on you and your choices. It’s just purely unprofessional of you to act like just another dummy and expect special treatment.


"Thought I'd be ok with their refund policy " So when you agreed to the terms of service, you were just joking around right? Do not hit that that little tick box similar to the one you hit to make this complaint IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE TERMS.

There are no clauses for staffing shortages, family emergencies, deaths in the family, wife won't let you go on the trip etc. You roll the dice when buying tickets and hope life doesn't happen to prevent the trip.

So let's here it... I must work for (insert company).

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