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I just returned form the trip that I took to Washington DC. We were on a business/fun trip.

American Airlines totally ruined the trip. Not only did we not get to DC in time to anything, the same thing happened on the return flight home. Our flight was delayed and we did not get home until after midnight. We sat at both airports watching American Airlines flights being delayed and canceled after a huge delay.

We were not the only ones. I will NEVER fly AA again. Basically anyone was fortunate if they left on time. I was totally shocked.

I really almost feel sorry for your gate personnel. It is no wonder that were telling people that “It is just your tuff luck”, they have to be ashamed and sick of it themselves. While waiting in St. Louis, the gate personnel did not want to give out meal vouchers.

One lady apparently aware that after such a wait that we were entitled to meal vouchers got up and asked for the meal voucher, the gate personnel whispered, “If I give you one I have to give everyone one.” Let me tell you about a similar experience I had with Southwest Airlines recently. The same delay happened and after a couple of hours the gate personnel started playing a game with everyone at the gate. They started giving mileage vouchers for the delay and played a game with us about having goofy items in our possession. If anyone had in their possession one of the goofy items they received another voucher.

Everyone at the gate was laughing and having a good time about the delay. I can see why AA does not do that. AA is so incompetent and so many of their flights are delayed and canceled that AA would be bankrupt. I have flown for years and I have NEVER had such incompetent, terrible service.

The only way I will ever fly AA again would be that it is my only option and I have to use AA.

I will be posting this on every site in the internet that I can find. Hopefully some other person will see this and not have to put up with such terrible service.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Flights delayed or cancelled.

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The reason given for the delays and cancels are what? Airlines don't delay or cancel flights for the he.ll of it. Your whole post is


Complaints about delayed and cancelled flights drive me nuts. There are about a thousand reasons flights can be delayed.

There are regulations and laws in place preventing flights from taking off for various weather, flight crew, mechanical and other issues.

If you can't handle delays, then you didn't plan well enough. It's flying 101. I've never once missed out on any part of a trip due to flight delays.

You know why? Because I plan ahead and allow extra days.


You know why? Because you flew a different airline. Nice try

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