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I traveled in American Airlines 6-1-16 to 6-6-16. went from Miami to Punta Cana. we had to deal with the worse customer service ever! the gate woman (gate D5 leaving on 6-1-16 at 9:56 am) on our way out was so rude and just kept talking to us in the nastiest way and tone. not only us but to the people sitting next to us as well. i did not get her name. we told her we could not hear them calling our flight because we were in the American Airlines Lounge and she rudely said that was your choice! and just her whole attitude was horrible.

and in my flight back from Punta Cana, Lori or Laurie decided it was more important for her not to move one step backwards so i could get to my seat so my 18 month old baby wouldn't cry. apparently she was more important than paying customers and overall the whole airplane because nobody with a heart likes to hear a baby cry and least of all be the cause of stress to a baby when all you had to do was move after her co worker asked her to move a little so i could get to my seat. she said no and caused stress on all of us.

Thank you American Airlines for hiring people with such kindness in their hearts, specially towards babies. lats i heard being a flight attendant requires good customer service, which was NOT provided at all this time around.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Customer service.

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