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American is severely understaffed and has dysfunctional technology. These two combined made it extremely painful for me to book a reservation for my 15 year old granddaughter.

Although American allows 15 year olds to travel without and adult and without paying a huge fee for special escort service, their website wont allow you to book that reservation online.

Thats just stupid!! It needlessly add traffic to their understaffed reservation call centers.

I tried calling a few times yesterday, and they said the expected wait time was at least four HOURS. That should make it clear that American is seriously understaffed which is in a word inexcusable.

At 9:45 last night, they offered to call me back in four hours 1:45 AM. Thats absurd.

Option 2 was to get a call back later. I tried that a few times, and I was told that it was an invalid entry. Options 4 was to hear other choices. That also responded as not being a valid response.

So when I say their technology is customer vicious, I mean it.

This morning I called around 9 am. I was offered a callback in over four HOURS. As I said, they are severely understaffed. I got a call back around 1:40 PM.

I was the. Put on hold for four minutes before the worlds slowest reservation handled my call. Eventually I booked the flight with Aadvantage miles.

The economy seat I got offered no free checked baggage and I could only select seats on three of the four flights. That was using 58,500 miles for a domestic round trip!

On exiting, I was out onto a telephone survey.

The first question asked whether I would recommend American to others. Choice 3 was NO. I entered 3 and was told that was an invalid choice.

So to the executives at American Airlines , I have two messages. First, you treat your customers like dirt.

Second, your technology sucks which is inexcusable.

Third, when you get the results of your telephone surveys, you need to know that your customers are not allowed to enter negative responses.

Your old slogan was Were American Airlines, doing what we to best. There should have been a footnote saying that means mismanaging our company so that your customers are treated exceptionally poorly.

User's recommendation: Try to use an airlines that gives a damn about its customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Airlines Pros: Travel time to destination.

American Airlines Cons: Customer relations suck, Greedy, Understaffed, Horrible wait times, Poor technology.

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Not so much that they are understaffed but they cancel and delay so many flights that their phones are bombarded with paying customers who are just trying to get to their destinations with no help from employees.


Poor loser! Keep flying economy!

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