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On March 24th, 2018 I was a passenger on American Airlines flight 211 from JFK to LAS. Departing at 6:30 PM.

Record Locator AATNMD, ticket number 012179836483. I was seated in seat 9D accompanied by my husband in seat 9E which is a more expensive seat with an additional charge for passenger comfort. During the flight approximately 2 1/2 hours in I wanted to eat my sandwich which was in a bag in the overhead. On January 20, 2018 I broke my arm so it difficult for me to maneuver with both arms.

While I was attempting to open the overhead a flight attendant walked by. I will now describe her physical appearance as she refused to show me a name tag or give me her name. She was short, maybe 4" 10", with dark hair and the oldest flight attendant maybe between 55 and 65. I asked her if she could help me with the bag but she continued walking.

I then spoke out and said aren't you going to help me. She turned on her heel several feet away and stated stop yelling at me I am on a call and will return. It is almost impossible to hear on an airplane as you know because of external and internal noises and I am slightly deaf. In addition the gentleman directly across from my seat was playing music without headphones and singing.

I said I'm not yelling I have an injured arm can't you please help me with the overhead. She then came up to me inserted her face very closely and said rather aggressively and rudely I told you I was busy stop yelling. I asked her for her name and she then told me I can write you up to the FAA if you want to go that way and you will be liable for arrest and a fine if you don't stop she then turned and walked away. I was flabbergasted.

I am a 72 year old grandmother who was a public servant for over 30 years in a helping capacity in New York City agencies. I was even once a public health law enforcement agent. I have received several commendations for my service to the public. In addition, I am a World Trade Center Survivor and suffer from PTSD and travel with an emotional support animal because of that.

I am also slightly deaf and have a heart problem. My son is a TSA officer. We are a very law abiding family. I was not yelling.

I must stay calm due to my health conditions. After this two other flight attendants came to me and apologized for her. They said they could not give me her name as it was forbidden by law. I might add that I did not see that any of flight attendants were wearing badges with their first names on them.

I was therefore surprised and frightened when about an hour or less later she returned with a gentleman flight attendant (one of the very ones who had apologized to me for her behavior) and he handed me a slip of paper stating my actions may be in violation of federal law. He stated that I must comply and cease my behavior or the plane would be diverted and I would face arrest and a fine. When I asked what behavior he just said to just listen which was doubly rude and I must comply and cease. He would not let me speak or ask any questions.She stood there with him staring into my face, once again rather close and threateningly.

He said the captain oked this. I received no copy of any complaint I signed nothing. I sat in my seat in terror for over 2 hours expecting to see the police at the gate in Las Vegas. I also had to use a nitro pill.

This was the worst experience I have ever had in my life. Is this what American Airlines in this day and age of terrible airline reputation wants to be known for?I was a victim of harassment, humiliation and intimidation as well as a purposeful act of vindictiveness and disrespect.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I anyone who can fly knows exactly what you were doing. You were running your mouth!!

By definition you were inciting a incident by continually “chewing the fat”. Ok we get it you’re deaf. When you first asked her for help she said one moment please. THEN you yell at her about walking away.

And yes you did yell. Most of the plane heard you yelling. You were not subtle nor were you polite. Then when the lady said hold on YOU felt you were dissed and continued to make a scene.

Then you gripped and whined about it non stop. As if somehow ANYONE ELSE on The flight gave a *** You didn’t ask for help you demanded attention, you demanded they stop everything they were doing and help you. You continued ranting and bi+€hing until you were told to shut up and told they would call the police if you didn’t stop verbally abusing the crew. Those poor ladies did everything they could to help you but it wasn’t enough.

YOU wanted to be PAMPERED! Exactly how many times was it that you threatened to sue them? It’s funny how you claim you’re law abiding yet act that way on a flight. It took two males and the lead stewardess instructing you STOP TALKING!!

I believe it was when they told you the fine includesall the fuel costs for a emergency landing that finally stopped you.

You had a bad attitude and a rude mouth. Remember this?......”I’m 72 years old I can do what i want, they will just let me go” You were nasty to everyone.


"I asked her if she could help me with the bag but she continued walking." They can't help you. If you can't stow it don't bring it.

A simple Google will tell you what we already know.1.

Lift your bag into the overhead bin.It’s more of a huge worker’s comp issue, but flight attendants are not allowed to lift your bag. They can help you cram it into the compartment, but they will have to ask you to check your bag if you can’t lift it or find someone else to do it for you.


Excuse me I asked her to assist me to get a book out of the overhead. Thanks for your humanity. I hope you are also subject to being harassed and threatened one day over nothing.


Sounds like American is now competing with United for the worst airline in the US. I suggest you complain to the FAA, NTSB, your congressman, senators and also direct to American Airline corporate.

All of these have websites you can search for to file your complaint(s).

And, of course never fly American again. Apparently, being a jerk is now a requirement for cabin personnel at American Airlines.

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