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Checked in for all legs of my flight,2154 YAK to DFW, on 8/10/17 at 11am. When I arrived for my 3:22 flight from SEA to DFW there was no boarding group on my pass which was problem number one!

Due to this missing number I was told I had to board the plane in the last group. Problem number two came when from the moment boarding started they new they had a full flight and would have trouble with room for all the carry on luggage. They asked for people to give up any bags they didn't need. Yet even though they new room would be a problem, they let MULTIPLE people board the plane with over sized bags and in MULTIPLE cases, 3 bags!

I watched this closely because even though my bag met the strictest size requirements, I was carrying 3 things in it that couldn't be checked - a lap top computer and two heirlooms from my deceased mother! As the boarding continued, they announced no more carry on luggage as of my group 7. I went up to the attendant and explained my precious items. She told me to talk to the flight attendant when I got down the jet way.

I stood in line with my bag. A very aggressive bag handler came up to me and reached to take my bag. I told her no, that I was told to speak with the attendant. She yelled at me that there was no room and tried to take it again.

I told her no and pulled the bag behind me. Visibly upset now, I reach the front of the line where I encounter the ticket agent that told me to speak with the attendant. She tells me now to step out of line and wait while she checks with the attendant. Of course, no room and I will have to give up my bag.

I ask for a bag to put my heirlooms in and was given a plastic sack. More visibly upset now, I open my bag in the jet way and remove the statues and place them in the plastic bag and board the plane. As I reach seat 13C, there is a lady in my seat with a large carry on who has been told she will have to check the bag. I tell her this is my seat.

She gets up and the flight attendant tells her to give her the carry on.... there is room for it in first class!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You started your comments by saying you were told to board last because you have no group on your boarding pass / then you include you boarded with group 7 ( there is a group 8 and 9) carry on concerns / mainline has spoiled flyers, on regional flight there is a no roller bag policy of most any size- mainline allows suitcases - my phrase for those passengers are if there is turbulence and your bags fall out and hurt you or other passengers then you are going to blame the airline .... the problem with your flight was the staff worse case scenario should have been anyone with more than 2 item should have gate checked the 3rd item as the gate agents are instructed/ the flight attendants should have done their part and refused any oversized or extra pieces/ that lady should have not been selfish but each flight has those passengers...

I am a gate Agent I watch bags and valet tag every roller bag and overstuffed pack pack or tote bag ..

and as you have read about seating when I know ahead of time I do seat families together/ I also know that flight attendants can and should help in rearranging seating for families with small children (which I try to preboard elderly, families with small children and passengers that need a little more time to board)

Sometime before concierge key passengers... so I hope reading this we do try to board passengers as we would want to be ...


Typical AA lies, they love to lie to customers. They tend to be very inconsistent about bags as well.

Such as the TSA says that "*** packs" are counted as CLOTHING items. Yet, AA sees them as carry-ons which is ***! They actually made me take mine off and put it in another bag to be able to board with it... yet I saw people with plastic store bags BIGGER than my actual *** pack and they put the handles of the bags around their luggage and were allowed to bring that on board no problem..

even though they were BIGGER than my pack and actually took up LOTS OF ROOM on the plane, where as my *** pack wouldn't have bothered or been in the way of anyone around my waist, plus my carryons were smaller than everyone else's anyways (backpack and small cross-body bag). Seems like they play favorites with certain people and not others.


Not sure why it's filtering out "F@nny pack", I guess you have to use the word "waist pack" instead? Is this website owned by snowflake crybaby libturds or something?


"She gets up and the flight attendant tells her to give her the carry on....there is room for it in first class"

Let me guess, the other person was nicer and appeared more sane than you? I'm betting you started a scene about your precious items.

I've seen it before many times.

If stuff is to precious to be checked which is a possibility or put under a seat, Fed Ex it.

It amazes how cheap people get when it comes to their most valuable of items.

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