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Re: Outrageous trouble and inconveniency caused by American Airline and its staff.

Record Locater: ZBAGCV

To Whom It May Concern:

I (Sadhana Parikh) and my husband (Vibhakar Parikh) are traveling from Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX and then to Dubai and to India. Our flight locater is ZBAGCV.

I am very disappointed with American Airline (AA) and its staff for providing unacceptable customer service and making the passengers’ journey unpleasant, especially considering the age and health condition of the passengers. My husband and I have completely lost faith in American Airline and its customer service.

On February 4, 2014, I received an email notification stating that the flight# AA2434 scheduled to depart from Columbus OH to Dallas, TX on February 5th was cancelled due to weather. I got panic because my husband and I had a connected flight to Dubai (Flight# EK0222) on the same day (Feb 5th). I called American Airline to inquire and reschedule the flight. I got hold of one of the AA representative after being on the hold for minimum 55 minutes. Later learn that I needed to speak to a rep in the International department, thus, I was on the hold for another 20mins and then finally got the right representative. I spoke to Ashley regarding the cancellation of my flight.

Ashley was able to find only one flight that would go non-stop from Columbus to Dallas. She was able to reserve our seats on the Flight AA228 but we had to pick up ticket at the counter in Columbus. Due to not having any choice, my husband and I left the work early (with a pay cut), rush to the airport to make sure we get the ticket and fulfill any necessary requirements. According to the Ashley, with flight AA228, there was an overnight stay at the Dallas International airport (DFW). I had express my concern to her and her supervisor Brenda Soot and told them that we had job today, rushed to airport and then have connected flight next day, we will need to get hotel room or some type of assistance at the Dallas airport. My husband has heavy health issues with his both knees and back. He is currently on medication for that. Ashley and her supervisor understood our concern and noted it in our account on the Feb 4th. Also they both said, “Please let the ticket counter representative at Columbus and Dallas airport know your concern and situation and they should be able to assist you with hotel stay and food vouchers”.

My husband and I arrived at the Columbus International airport on Feb. 4th. The ticket counter representative and her supervisor said that they will not be able to do anything because the cancellation of flight is due to weather condition and did not even talk to us properly. We felt very much ignored by both of the AA representatives. They attended the other customers’ properly whom were all Americans. I am Asian. My husband and I are started to feel that there is a racism going on in how AA representative treats their customer. It seemed that the customer gets treated differently according to their Race by American Airline. It was very obvious to feel that after experiencing the two AA representatives had treated us and the way they ignored us. I had requested to speak to the manager and I waited long time but no one showed up and the AA ticket counter supervisor and the other AA rep would not even listen to us. Extremely rude behavior! I have paid money for this flight same as the other passengers but I get treated rudely because of my RACE, totally not acceptable.

On top of that, we learned that we had to re-check our luggage at the Dallas airport going to Dubai. With the original Flight AA2434, the luggage gets checked in at Columbus airport and we received it in Dubai, thus we only had to take care of our carry-on luggage. With the rescheduled flight AA228, not only there was overnight stay at the Airport but we had to drag our entire luggage with us. We had 4 heavy big bags and 2 handbags, purse, and laptop carry-on with us. We accepted the fact that after 911, Airlines do not keep overnight luggage at the airport for the security purpose. We had not expressed any objection to this situation even though both are senior citizens and have health issues. Only thing we seek from American Airline to co-operate with us to make the rest of the journey with less trouble as it started off with many troubles and disappointments.

We reached to Dallas (DFW) airport late at night. As we were advised by AA representative on the phone, we tried to speak to the AA representative at the counter and requested him to provide us a night at the hotel and/or food vouchers to purchase dinner at the airport. We had left our house in Columbus in such a hurry due to last minute flight changes, I did not get a chance to pack our food or any types of prep to make us survive at the airport over night. Once again, as expected from American Airline staff, the AA repetitive at the gate counter was extremely rude and just stated that since its all weather related they cannot do anything and just walked away. I was almost in tears thinking about the overnight stay and my husband’s health. It was our first time at the Dallas airport and we do not know anyone in Dallas who can come to help us. Thus, we had hopes from American Airline to take care of us in this critical situation. Once again, AA has proven that the passenger gets treated good or bad based on their RACE.

Now, another struggle we encountered. As I mentioned earlier, we had never been to Dallas (DFW) airport. My husband and I were told that we had to take our entire luggage and go to Terminal D to catch our next day flight. We thought that not a big deal, we can just drag our luggage and walk to the Terminal D, but guess what? To get to the Terminal D, we had to go out from the baggage claim area, hop on the bus and to get to the Terminal D. Can you imagine the trouble and physical pain us two senior citizens had to go through with carrying those heavy bags and loading it to the bus and taking it out at the destination and then again dragging them inside the Terminal D. Due to late night; we were not able to find any luggage carts so we had to just help ourselves. We requested for help at the counter of Terminal D but no hopes there either. They just pointed out the chairs by the check-in counter of Emirates and told us to spend night there with our entire luggage. There was no access to any restaurants near the check-in counter that we could grab to eat something for our Dinner. The small shops were closed as well, since it was very late at night. If we did not have to spend so much time at the counter begging AA representative to help us, we may had time to reach to terminal D a bit earlier and able to purchase food for Dinner.

My husband and I were not able to get any sleep at night as we were worried of being in an unfamiliar place and had the entire luggage with us. Not even a one person working at the airport came to ask us if we needed any help. We were so helpless, tired, hungry and without any energy. The next day morning (Feb 5th) we dragged ourselves to the check in counter. We were hoping to get our luggage checked-in early in the morning so we can pass the security and get something to eat from the restaurant inside the airport. The Emirates ticket counter people did not let us checked in until about 9:30am. Our flight EK0222 to Dubai was at 11:50am.

I have expressed the details of our journey above. Hope you understand and feel for the two elderly people had to go through. I totally understand that no one has control over the Mother Nature. I am sure by law, American Airline is not under any obligation to provide accommodation or food vouchers in such a weather related conditions. At least I expected from the very well known airline to review the passengers’ situation and try to work accordingly to at least make their journey enjoyable from their end to the best they can. Here, AA did not make any effort or tried to understand our concern or read the notes listed in under our record locater by AA Rep Ashley and her Supervisor Brenda. Getting help from AA ticket counter was out of the scope.

My husband has extremely pain in his back and knees due to all the inconveniency caused by AA staff. As soon as we reached to Dubai we had to taken care with his illness caused by American Airline.

I hope you understand our concern that we had only asked AA to provide us an accommodation at the airport for one night and/or food vouchers to ease the trouble and suffering we had gone through with this journey. My husband and I are extremely disappointed with AA and its customer service. I know there are exceptions to everything. It is not wise to play with someone’s health especially the concern was expressed multiple times to all AA representatives over and over though out this journey.

American Airline has lost two of its valuable customers from today and on-ward. We highly recommend to our family, friends and community people not to use American Airline as they only go by the rules and do not review the situation even if it can be a life threatening to its passenger. American Airline treats its customers by their RACE and if you are Asian, certainly do not expect to receive proper customer service from American Airline.

People travel for many reasons. We traveled to have a nice vacation in Dubai and then to India. Our journey started very rough. On top of that, our holidays in Dubai, my husband and I are spending time to get recovered from our illness aggravated by service received from American Airline. I myself trying to be strong here but I am also suffering leg pain and the whole body aching.

I would request to take review and look at our concern very closely. I would like American Airline to contact me, if you have any questions regarding what I have expressed above. Also, the last thing I want to hear from you is, “we are really sorry what you had to go though, and your concern will get address and noted. That is all we can do for you.” Please pardon my language, but that is a ***. I don’t except that.

As a courtesy and to retain customer, I would like to see American Airline to contact me personally and make up for all the trouble my husband and I had gone through. If American Airline fails to contact us to take care the concerns address above, I will post my reviews and concerns to all the public web-sites. Hopefully, American Airline can address this concern very sincerely and in timely manner to show that may be there are few bad fruits in the basket which cannot make the whole basket bad.

Look forward to hear from you soon. You can reach me at

Thank you.

Sadhana Parikh

Vibhakar Parikh

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

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From personal experiences, you can basically forget about AA providing any sincere apologies or reimbursements. My family was stranded in Dallas, Tx for three days while waiting for our connecting flight to Korea and spent about $1,000 on hotel, transportation, and food. I will never ever travel with AA again.


When someone claims racism, their credibility is reduced in my eyes. From personal experience, when people are crying "racism," their treatment is not due to that, but due to their attitudes.

I can't imagine that AA, or any airlines cares what race you are.

As long as they get their fares, they like you. UNLESS of course, you're a pain in the *** and have an attitude.


Can not believe such a well know airline company provides terrible service especially to elderly people. Now a days, they are still stuck on the racism!

What kind of training they provide to their employees?

I would certainly think twice before choosing to travel with American airline. Hope this ppl get contacted by American airline and they take care of their concerns well.


Pretty funny that the only positive comment to this letter just happens to be from the same small town the couple is from and makes the exact same grammatical errors. :x

Your experience has nothing to do with your race.

You had demands that, even you acknowledge, were beyond the scope and responsibility of AA.


I know. That cracks me up.

If you want to pat yourself on the back, that's fine...but it makes your claim seem less relevant (as does immediately crying racism).

To the customer, your complaint and treatment had nothing to do with your race or your age. Airlines are notoriously poor at customer service and the fine print always covers them. But, there's also YOUR responsibility to be able to take care of yourself. American didn't pack your bags and make them too heavy to carry.

You did.

I find it odd that you didn't register for assistance, like anyone can when you book, and utilise that service. It is unfortunate that you had to spend the night in an Airport, but that, too, was your choice.

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