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On Tuesday 12:10 AM we picked American AA 1122 flight from Bogota to Dallas using a buddy pass from a friend.

Our original flight booked via Spirit got cancelled. One of my friend works at AA, so he booked us through his buddy pass program which costed us $225.

We were sitting in 13 A, 13 B and 13 C. We found that these seats do not recline and we were told as they are before exit row seats. We were told once every one seats down we can move.

I moved into an exit row seat and my friend moved to some other seat. Later a flight attendant told that even though it is empty you are allowed to sit only if you have paid. I moved back to my original seat 13 B.

After I sat I remembered that when I moved I have put my headset in the exit row seat. So I asked my friend sitting next to me to pick the headset for me.

He got me the headset and were all settled. Suddenly this old Caucasian lady(flight attendant sorry don't have the name, but she is the only Caucasian old flight attendant on the flight) comes by and says "Are you guys on buddy pass? Keep it down".

We told her mam "that was rude". She then replies saying you know that "we can get you off the flight".

Can someone at AA tell us, if AA authorized her to behave with passengers differently on a buddy pass?. I hope a strict action is taken so these type of racial slurs are not made.

I don't think we were anywhere near noisy. I think if you inquire passengers front and back seat you will know the truth.

How can she say you guys are on buddy pass so keep quiet?. Is this because of our color. It sure made us feel that way. I would like to hear back from AA on what their response would be?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Airlines Pros: Timely flight.

American Airlines Cons: Racially biased comment.

  • rude employee
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The air pressure within the cabin on descent is terrible. They need to equalize the pressurize the cabins better so your ears don’t feel like they are going to explode.

Hate this airline because of my many issues with my ears and not to mention the airline attendants always walking around the cabin with a chip on they’re shoulder!!

If you don’t care for your job just quit. Passengers would be better off.


Yall should have been refunded all monies paid and been given a sincere apology.

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