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On 2/15/16, Flight #2443, Miami, FL. to Denver, my family and I were in seats 12A, 12B and 12C. Prior to takeoff, I reached into the seat back pocket to retrieve the air sickness bag for my son (the bag in his seat was stuck with gum from a prior passenger), and stuck my hand in vomit, which was in the air sickness bag from a prior passenger. I pushed the button to summon the flight attendant, and no one responded. I had to wait for 5-10 minutes until the attendant came through to check the cabin for takeoff, before I got assistance. Then, I had to flag her down. I told the attendant what occurred and that I had to wash my hands, and she told me I couldn't because they were taking off. I asked for a sanitizing wipe and she said she didn't have any, but would bring me a wet towel after takeoff. I stressed with her that this was vomit from a prior passenger and she left without a word, while I was holding a bag of someone else's vomit. She returned with a garbage bag for me to put the vomit in, but another attendant came behind her with a sanitizing wipe. My son wasn't sick, he is hearing impaired and prefers to have the bag handy to breath into if the pressure in his ears bothers him during takeoff. And, for the remainder of the flight we had the odor of vomit surrounding us and we couldn't avoid smelling it. I filed an online complaint and received an email essentially stating that cabins are cleaned each night and it was unfortunate that it was untidy. "Untidy?" It was bio hazard that I was exposed to on an AA flight! I complained further by email AND received a call from an AA representative that had the audacity to tell me that AA staff can't check every seat back pocket for cleanliness, and it wasn't staff's responsibility to do so. I inquired about whose responsibility it was, and she had the audacity to suggest that it was mine! It was my fault that I didn't check the pocket for adequate sanitization before I reached into it! I was exposed to Hepatitis B, C and HIV through bodily fluids and hazardous substances from previous passengers and was told I should board AA planes with latex gloves and a face mask and take my own precautions? AA violated CDC guidelines for exposure!! They kept their staff safe but refused to even acknowledge responsibility for my exposure! I have to be tested no at my expense! IF I end up with a sure hope not. I would think AA would too...but they don't. AWFUL, DISGUSTING CABINS WITH BIO HARARDOUS RISKS FOR PASSENGERS AND NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT IT IS THEIR DUTY TO PROTECT PASSENGERS IN THEIR CABINS N THEIR FLIGHTS!! PASSENGER BE WARE!

My wife told the AA representative that we were appalled at their response and thought it best to report the incident to everyone that would listen. It's a public service. The AA representative offered to deposit 5000 miles into my account, and I declined. The corporate attitude toward the lack of sanitization and my exposure and potential health risk to a bio hazardous substance on an AA flight was unexpected, but the further suggestion that the exposure was due to my failure to take precautions and put on latex gloves and

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: HEALTH HAZARD!!!!.

American Airlines Cons: Being exposed to prior passenger vomit and told it was my fault.

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Umm you cant be infected with hep or hiv through vomit.maybe the flu but thats is gross though.

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