My wife and I requested changing our tickets one week due to a conference date change and the airline is charging us $175 per ticket.We are still 5 weeks in advance of the travel date and they are unyeilding, unreasonable and feel justified in abusing and overcharging their customers.

I spoke to customer service and a supervisor and neither had any compassion for the issue. Oh well, guess you are screwed was their basic response. This is such an incredible charge for such a simple change in the computer.

I can't believe that they are able to get away with this.

I will never use this airline again and will never recommend it to anyone within my company.

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@ ReplyToBS - from your username it appears you are a know-it-all and from the text of your comment it sound like you are either an airline employee or apologist.Your comments underscore the moral bankruptcy of the government deregulation that allows this kind of rip off.

The fees are UNCONSCIONABLE - the issue here is not whether the consumer "agreed" - that the consumer had no meaningful choice aside, the provision in the tariff allowing these fees is UNCONSCIONABLE ... why ? 1. It doesn't cost AA any more for the passenger to be on flight A vs.

flight B and it doesn't cost AA anywhere near $175 to implement the change. It is simply a revenue device - plain and simple greed and taking advantage of people. It is morally wrong - I realize that people of a corporate mentality may disagree, but that's just because their world view is based on a distorted morality that says it's ok to take advantage of people.

AA should be ashamed - but they aren't because they have no conscience - they only understand profit.Don't bother replying cuz you have already had your say and it will only prove my points.


If you booked your ticket on AA.COM or through the company you were made aware of the change fee.You agreed to it now you are angry when it is enforced.

The way you bought a cheap ticket is because you were taking a risk that you would have to pay more in the future. I know it was a cheap ticket because the more expensive ones do not have the associated change free. The problem with the traveling American public (American as in citizens of the Western Hemisphere but normally used to mean citizens of the United States) is that we want it cheap but on our terms. It can't be both ways.

Either pay to be able to change or don't complain.

FYI, all carriers, except perhaps Southwest, have change fees on cheap tickets and Southwest boards using a cattle prod.Your choice.


that's a horrible story.and to think you will also be charged for checking in your baggage when you do travel... that *** you off even more.. they are ruthless

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