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We had an opportunity to delay our flight a day and receive a sizable voucher. That is where the good news ends.

When we wanted to redeem the vouchers things went south. First since the vouchers were paper and not e-vouchers we had to call to make the reservations. After multiple transfers we went through a lengthy booking process only to find out that the flights would be on hold for us but not confirmed until we mailed the vouchers to an AA facility in Florida. We had 2 weeks to send them in.

I was lucky enough to have sent them Certified Mail and had a date they were delivered. After about 10 days an no confirmation I called and was first told that if they were not processed then they didn't receive them. I informed the rep that I had proof of delivery but his response was that I should contact the post office to find out where the vouchers were because AA obviously did not have them because they had not been processed. Are you kidding me!!!

I waited a day to calm down, went to the post office to get a copy of the signature of the person who received them and called AA again. This time I got a rep that seemed interested in helping me. After about 40 min. she reports back that the vouchers had not been processed because they process them based on the date of the flight and since our flight was a couple of months away it would be awhile.

She then extended the hold on the tickets all the way to the day before departure. That was great interim solution. She suggested I call back in about a week if I had not received confirmation of the flights. It has been 2 weeks and no confirmation.

I am mustering my patience in anticipation that this isn't going to be any easier than my first inquiry. Bottom line, vouchers are a nice benefit for delaying your flight but the hassle involved in redeeming them from AA isn't worth it to me.

Won't be offering up my seat anymore, at least not with AA.

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I just want to say thank you for being a responsible consumer. While this does sound ridiculous on AA's part, you did everything right and sent the voucher certified mail.

I can't tell you the number of times people have send certificates and vouchers to the company I used to work for and they would say "I just put a stamp on it and mailed it". So how are we supposed to know you still don't have the voucher or that the post office lost it?

People please take an example from this person, kudos.

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