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American Airlines does not have any personnel in Beijing, so if you need assistance with rebooking or trying to make a flight the only way to do so is to call the United States. American outsources their check-in counter personnel to Air China, and Air China shuts down the counter early to force fliers that can make a flight to miss their flight and have to rebooked on Air China.

American only has one flight a day out of Beijing, and it's partner airlines in One World cannot get you to another destination in time to make another American flight to the US on the same day.

You will be forced to wait another day to leave China, and you will be forced to pay for all of the rebooking fees and differences in the flight costs even though Air China running the counter for American shuts the counter down early so that they can try to force you to fly Air China.

Do not fly American into or out of Beijing the cheaper flight is not worth the hassle because the likelihood of you getting screwed over and be forced to pay more than you would have to fly on United, Cathay, Air China, Korean Air, Asiana, Continential, or any other airline that has daily flights to the US out of Beijing.

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I see you learned the game American Airlines is playing.

Yes, you are exactly right about Beijing Airport, and American Airlines.

I was going to Manila Philippines and had to go from one terminal to the other in Beijing, American Airline would not give the connecting flight boarding passes so we had to get it from the Philippine Airline Ticket Counter, it closed 10 minutes early. So 16 passengers waited one hour and ten minutes to see our flight leave.

Then we all had to wait another twelve hours to buy another connection flight to Manila Philippines. All the time running into the rudest employees I have ever had to deal with. We finally decided to go direct to Philippine Airlines and bypass AA paying $224 for the rebooking AA wanted over $300 for.

And I have never seen a ruder airport staff than Beijing. They would put a hand in the face and refuse to help.

This won't happen again I will never fly AA, or go through Beijing.


Obviously AA no fly was late for a flight and had problems. We flew in and out of Beijing on American got to the airport on time and had no problems.

It is true that they only have one flight but, that is the way it is to Shanghai and to Deli also.

It is all worth while when you get on the plane and it is ice cold in the summer and warm in the winter. Unlike the other planes in and out of Beijing.

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