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Today is 7 Oct and wife and I are not in Dominica!!

LONG story, and very sad……

We awoke this morning at 2:30 to get the last of the things done around the house necessary to close it for the 6 months we would spend in Dominica. About 3:45 AM, a buddy of mine showed up to take us to the airport. We got to Eppley Airport about 4:30 and had boarding passes about 15 minutes later. Went thru TSA in a breeze – best TSA screening ever for us – very quick…..

We walked to the departure gate and found a place to sit next to the gate work area. There was activity that early as a flight to Dallas was just before ours. The Dallas flight departed and our flight departure was suddenly changed from 6:05 to 6:59!!! What gives – no American Airlines rep at the gate would say anything. The only announcement they made was that the crew would be there shortly (25 minutes) (already post *** time). Lynn went to the gate folks and inquired about the flight, particularly because we had a connecting flight in Chicago to SJU. “No Problem” says the guy at the gate – the other flight is late, too, so all is well. You will have plenty of time.

Our flight finally boards and departs – well over an hour late. In flight, the pilot announces that the delay was as a result of “crew rest time” as the original crew for this flight got in late the evening before. We were never able to identify if this crew was the late night crew or a substitute. POINT: AA cannot identify when crews are over time and new crews need to be on hand to make a scheduled flight????? Or, AA simply does not care!!

We get to Chicago, go like *** to the gate for the SJU flight and get there just in time to see the aircraft preparing to pull away from the terminal. We were not allowed to board as the “door” closed 10 minutes before we got there…….

At that point, one of the AA reps PROUDLY hands us boarding passes for the next flight to SJU – several hours later. I ask “…how about the connecting flight following that one?” BIG blank stare, a look of pure *** on the guy’s face – he never looked to see if there was anything else on our itinerary. Now there is a supervisor involved, both banging away on the keyboards…… Of course, they have nothing for today as there is only ONE AA sponsored flight a day into Dominica (DOM). Finally, out of the goodness of their hearts, they offer to put us up in San Juan for the night – but the catch is that the next available seats on Seaborne (AA affiliate) to Dominica are on 15 Oct 2015 – understand, a week away and they want us to sit in SJU waiting on the AA sponsored flight …… then they offer to let us sit in Chicago!

I was not happy. It was not our fault that the flight crew was so late getting us out of Omaha…….

We finally got new ticket vouchers for 15 Oct on the same set of flights as originally set up by Liberty Travel (GOOD FOLKS). AA flew us BACK to Omaha. Omaha – Chicago – Omaha in one morning – a new first…….. One small point, our luggage is now missing in action – AA has no idea where it is – they are hunting……. And the luggage cost me $50 for this mess….. I hope it enjoys the trip…

Later, when putting in a “claim” for our AWOL baggage, I find out from an AA employee that AA had NO idea the crew was out of flying time and could not even find them in the morning? Had to have the hotel get them…. At least that was the story from the ground crew personnel we talked to about the flight.

We grab a ride from the airport back home. I now have to get a vehicle out of storage so we have transportation for the next week. House needs to be partially un-mothballed so we can live here. Then, I had to get the phone and internet back, the water turned on and all the stuff one must undo to a house set up for a 6 month closure.

OK – AA, they screwed me good and I still do not have luggage for which they pay NOTHING if lost.

I lost a week of vacation, a party tonight in Dominica for a dear friend, cost back to the house, a day shot in the butt, Lynn badly upset for a long period (and that is terrible on her health), $50 for baggage fee, etc……..

We have flown AA twice in three years and have been abandoned by AA on BOTH occasions – the last was in SJU in the same kind of thing – their flight getting in late and missing connections….. and they didn’t give a good ***!!!!

Update -- Friday 9 Oct -- AA found the baggage - in SJU but it was just sitting there per the AA rep on the phone - NO instructions to return it to Omaha. She doubts AA can get to Omaha by the time we depart on 15 Oct -- SUPER AA!!!!!

Also, AA offered a $200 voucher for our "next" AA flight for our inconvenience -- I lost that much in just apartment rent in Dominica due to AA..

Write more later

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Don't live in a small out of the way town. Omaha Nebraska is not big.

Orlando airport serves 37 million, Eppley services 4.1 million. So the airplane was running late the day before. FAA rules require certain rest period for crews. American Airlines would not know prior to the crew getting into Omaho, when the required rest period for the pilots would end.

What did you expect, that they fly another crew in just to fly your plane in the morning. How was that crew supposed to get there - was your flight so special they should charter a jet for the crew to get there.

How about using common sense when you plan your trips. If there is only one flight a week to Dominica, why did you not fly into SJU the night before, stay overnight, and then be ready for that flight.

What occurred was probably not American Airline's fault, but related to afternoon thunderstorms or weather the day before which delayed the previous day's flight, creating the crew rest problem for your flight. If missing the one flight a week was going to cause such problems, you should have traveled the day before to make sure you made it.

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