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I have called and also submitted my complaint to AA Customer Relations and sent a reminder with no response.


My family and I have been longstanding loyal customers of American Airlines, and share several pleasant & cherishable memories. Based on our experience with AA’s Customer Service, and Travel Experience we highly recommend AA to our friends and extended family.

We travelled to India and the UK starting on the 22nd of Nov and returned on the 30th of Dec 2015. On the 30th of Dec we were scheduled to board our flight to Dallas from the Heathrow airport in London, UK. Our flight AA 0051 was scheduled for 9:55 AM. We were standing in the *** from about 8:20 AM with at least 20 passengers ahead of us. The security personnel at the *** verified our passports and ticket and asked us to continue in the ***. At 8:55 AM when it was our turn to approach the counter we were approached by an AA agent named Rami and she told us “You are one minute late and we cannot check you in, here we leave on time, we will not accept your luggage”. We informed her that we had been in the ***, and the security personnel verified the same. We also, mentioned to her that we had checked in online 24 hrs earlier, and that we had been in the *** for over a half hour, to which she responded with you need to go to that counter and stand in that ***. We got the impression that we were being expedited, and moved to the other ***, only to find out that it was a rebooking ***. We went back to Rami and approached her for help, mentioning our position, to which she rudely responded “How could you be standing in a ***, there is no ***”, and then continued on to say “if you want I can call my Supervisor”. We asked her to go ahead and get her supervisor. The supervisor Lesley, really had no ears for the customer, however, on our repeated explanation of the situation, and urging her to verify with the security personnel she eventually did, and came back and said “We will have to rebook you, I cannot let you on the flight now, even if I wanted to, it’s too late now”. By then it was 9:10 AM. We even mentioned to her that consideration was due, as we were travelling with child, and have been in the *** well in time, and have checked in 24 hrs earlier, to which we received a haughty response of “don’t bring the child in, it’s with you anyway”.

True, our child is with us anyway and always, but if we had not been stopped from boarding the flight that we were scheduled to our child would have been sleeping in his bed at home, several hours earlier, and we would have travelled comfortably!

To further add insult to injury, we were asked to pay a change fee of $275 per person, i.e. a total of $825. We informed the rebooking agent Convay that we had been in the *** well ahead of time, and should not be charged any fees for rebooking, and that she could verify with Security and Rami & Lesley. Eventually we were forced to pay $825, in the interest of reaching home. We eventually reached Wichita, KS at 11:30 PM, instead of 7:59 PM, only to find that our troubles would see no end, the airport personnel were not in attendance, a gate was not immediately available, and so on. We were on the tarmac for about 30 minutes more, and then after waited for baggage for about 30 to 40 minutes, and eventually made it home, a mere 6 miles from the airport at 1:30 AM!

In summary, it’s been a harrowing experience with the AA agents at Heathrow, and has left deep distaste for AA’s Customer Service. We expect no less than a complete refund of the rebooking fees, and to be duly compensated for the insulting and unbecoming treatment by the AA agents at Heathrow. We hope you can help make amends to our current relationship with AA, and restore former status.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My goodness. How come these anonymous defenders of AA are so aggressive? Are they AA agents?


So you are flying internationally and you give yourself only 35 minutes to stand in line before the cut off. (8:20 a.m.

to 8:55 a.m.). You were late and failed to give yourself enough time.

American Airlines says the cut off time for international flight is one hour before your scheduled departure, which in your case was at 9:55 am. American Airlines says on it website "For flights to international destinations check in:◾At least two hours prior to departure to complete all necessary international requirements" So getting in line 35 minutes before the 8:55 cut off was way too late to be checking in for an international flight.

In fact the clerks at the counter appeared to be pretty efficient. You said there were 20 passengers in front of you at 8:20 am. That means by 8:55 am, the clerks had handled passengers at a rate of one every 1 minute and 45 seconds (35 minutes divided by 20 passengers.) That seems reasonable.

You also must know that a lot of airlines have their computers set so that the clerk CANNOT check the passenger in after the cut off time. Sounds like you were late and then complained and caused a scene because you did not want to pay the change fees YOU HAD AGREED TO when you bought the ticket.

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