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June 19, 1016: American Airlines.

We completely, totally understand the reason why some regional flights were cancelled due to heat at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport: Safety first. We sat with a Tucson air traffic controller who educated us about atmosphere, heat, runway length.

Our flight was delayed and later cancelled due to excessive heat, while other planes the same size as ours left! AA used the same rotating and changing excuses that we experienced after Xmas in Chicago. Crew was coming, then not coming, then crew driving from Tucson to Phx. Later they said an incoming plane from Ontario there, but it really was coming from Burbank and was late. The captain of our original flight came out and told us they were having mechanical issues due to the heat. He said to wait and five minutes later the flight was cancelled. Rather than a mechanical problem, AA stated it was weather. With weather as an excuse, they don't have to accommodate customers in any way, unlike Delta who has a superb policy on cancellation issues.

We were nice enough to let them check our luggage due to an earlier crowded flight. We were not allowed to retrieve our luggage when the flight was cancelled and we were told we had to fly on the same flight as our luggage. None of the agents had the same information. Passengers were rescheduled on three different flights. We found out later that an earlier flight (7:00pm versus 9:43pm) had 8-10 seats available but no agent informed ANY of the waiting booked and confirmed passengers. Instead they boarded Standby passengers.

AA said it was all weather (heat) related, therefore they didn't owe us a meal voucher, overnight accommodation or anything. They truly were jerks and we (along with alot of others) were very polite. One agent said if our flight was cancelled, find some seats and spend the night at the airport.

The air traffic controller we visited with said AA had plenty of warning along with the regional carriers to have appropriate planes in place.

So AMEN to American Airlines!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight 5660.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Incompetant staff at counters, Inconsiderate treatment.

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Americans Customer service is BAD! I sense that there is an ongoing feud between AA and the federal government and AA is taking it out on their customers.

I contacted the US dept of Transportation and had a response from AA the next day.

But AA still would offer no compensation. I also file a complaint with several consumer advocacy groups. being one of many.

There is current legislation being proposed that will address AA's poor customer service.

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