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On 9/13/15 American Airlines (AA) delayed flight AA/237 from San Jose Cabo to LAX. Because this flight was delayed we missed our connecting flight from LAX to Sacramento, CA.

When we arrived at LAX the airport staff (not AA staff) their did their best to rush us through the airport to customs. We were given an orange "express connection" ticket that enabled us to beat the lines. We were in and out of customs, through security, back into the airport at the gate for our connecting flight in no time flat. As we approached the gate we could see the plane still with the jet bridge attached.

We also watched the AA agent walk through down into the jet bridge. We tried running over but she was gone. When she came back up she closed the door. We had already been waiting a few minutes there at the desk waiting for her return.

We told the agent that was our plane and we needed to get on. She told us the flight was closed and we could not board. It was 15 minutes to 5pm and the flight was scheduled to leave at 5pm yet she would not let us on. B/c of this we were delayed in LAX until a 9:30pm flight.

Then that flight was delayed approx 45 mins. We did not get home that night until approx 1am. We are furious with the services we received, how much time we wasted and the extra expenses we incurred b/c of this delay. If we changed our flight AA would charge us $250 each.

But for your error you gave us a measly $24 for food that did not cover airport food prices.

We want further compensation. I don't even know why we bother to ever fly this airline because we have nothing but problems every time.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

American Airlines Cons: Poor customer service.

  • poor helpdesk
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Problems arose, not because the agent would not let you on, but because you were late - even though it was not your fault. Departure time means that - the time at which the airplane departs.

In order to do that, they stop allowing passengers to board approximately 10 to 15 minutes before departure.

Google it, and you will see how much paperwork the pilots (airlines) has to do prior to departure, most of which is related to the weight of the plane, passengers, and cargo. They have to determine the speed needed to ***, the weights and balance on the plane, and other factors. If they allow more people on, the pilots would then have to redo all the paperwork, which would delay the 200 or so passengers already on board by another 10 or 15 minutes.

Leaving late could make them miss their next connection, all to let you to get on when you were the one that was late.

That is why planes are not held.

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