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Delayed :30 minutes, then 1:00 hour more, thento

another 1:00 hour, then 3:00 hours, then the following day late morning. Family slept on cots, with small light blanket. Being Dallas, people are moving around all night long and the lights remained bright all night long. Per-programmed announcements kept going all night long.

Have traveled for years, first and last time on American. Have traveled on other airlines, did have delays but a few hours.

We were delayed a total of 12 hours, on a 1:45 flight time. Several asked for hotel vouchers, all denied and counter closed as people were complaining.

Instead of leading us on for hours, just be up front.

Review about: American Airlines Flight.

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@MN Wife

The best thing to do in this scenario is to call the AA Reservations Desk. If it was a Mechanical Issue or Cancellation due to lack of crew, legally they have to accomodate your husband on the next available flight...but only if you ask for it.

The reservation agent on the phone is a better and quicker way to deal with the situation than talking to a gate agent. If it's a weather issue, you're on your own.


My husband had a flight booked for Saturday the 7th, got a call and the flight was cancelled..booked him on another flight for today 8th. When he got to the airport he found that the flight was cancelled AGAIN!

Received no call.. He waited in line for 5 hours to get a flight out only to find all the flights for the day were booked and he could not catch a flight until tomorrow late afternoon.

He has received nothing from American at all, no apology or explanation.. He will now miss a day of work and what really ticks me off is the amount of money we paid for a return flight on Saturday that never happened!!!

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