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Update by user Nov 20, 2012

Interestingly enough, I received a call from the local AA office now offering me a $375 travel voucher to pay me for my damages. I old them to put it in writing so that I can respond.

I paid CASH for my airline ticket. I paid CASH for my property that AA damaged. I paid CASH for the \"baggage\" fees to transport my property. I paid CASH to shrink wrap my property and I will have to pay CASH to the repair company to repair it.

Even when they repair it, it will never be 100%! A large part of the value of the statutes is that they were made out of 1 solid piece of wood! Now, they are broken into multiple pieces of wood that will have to be glued or nailed back together. Splinters of wood are missing.

A $375 travel voucher is hardly close to compensating me for my property.

At this point, flying on American Airline will be a last resort! I don\'t trust them with my property or customer service to timely address or resolve any issues that may occur.

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2012

The summary of events are as follows:

"¢ I flew round trip to Montego Bay on American Airline, July 2-7 where I purchased two 3 ft tall hand carved figures made of a solid, single piece of wood for $400 each/$800 for both.

"¢ At the airport in Jamaica, I paid SecureWrap $24 at the airport in Jamaica to shrink wrap and box the figures.

"¢ I then checked them and paid $190 in baggage ($40) and excess baggage ($150) fees.

"¢ Once home, I found that both had been broken (see enclosed before and after pictures). I immediately contacted American Airline (7/7/2012) and filed a complaint on 7/8/2012.

I am requesting a full refund of the baggage fees ($190), a full refund of the shrink wrap fees ($24), repair costs ($375) and loss of value at 20% of the amount paid ($160) totaling $709.

It is now, November and I still have not received any communication from American Airlines regarding resolution. I've written and emailed, the local AA, the corporate Consumer Relations, the EVP of Corporate Consumer Relations, the NC Consumer Protection Agency, and the Dallas/Fort Worth BBB. The only responses to me have been via email (1) stating that they have received my complaint (automatic email) and that (2) stating to say the local office will handle it. Well, guess what. They haven't. Then, their attorney also responded to the NC Consumer Protection Agency to say that the matter is not within their jurisdiction. It's within the US DOT's jurisdiction. I've now submitted my complain there.

AA was quick to charge me $190 in fees to transport my statutes ("baggage"), but they haven't stepped up to the plate when it comes to reimbursing me for the damage done when they threw my statutes around like garbage and broke then. They are important to me and were a major high light of my trip. I'm not going away until I am compensated for the damage to my property.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $709.

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What ugly junk. They did you a favor.

A bigger favor would have been to lose them completely and issue a full refund.

If you want something to arrive undamaged, pack it properly. I worked in shipping and receiving for decades and that packaing makes all the difference.


I think you overpaid for the statues.

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