Little Rock, Arkansas

I had a horrible experience at the DFW Airport. First off our flight out of Little Rock was an hour late because the plane before us waited 20 extra minutes for passengers on another plane.

We stood in line for 30 minutes to find out if we were going to make our flight in Dallas and we were assured we would make it with time to spare. When we got to Dallas we had to walk 1/3 a mile, wait two minutes for the train, ride the train for 3 minutes, walk another 1/3 a mile and when we got to the plane they had shut the doors.

That was fine that we just missed it but it wasnt fine that the plane left 5 minutes early. We were not the only people to be on that plane. Another woman was supposed to be on the plane with her elderly mother who was now on her way to Kansas City by herself.

After that my mother who I was traveling with tried to talk to the lady at the counter but she wanted nothing to do with us. My mother said " Its fine but we need a hotel voucher and a ride to and from the airport please." And the lady replied to us, " FIRST before you start telling me what you need and pushing me around, All l I can give you is a hotel discount and I dont know about a ride."

Needless to say me mother was so mad. The lady was rude, demanding, and inconsiterate of what had happened to us. And THANKS to that woman my family and anyone else we can can convince will never fly American Airlines EVER again. Thank you for listening. Have A Nice Day!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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:) I flew AA from Tucson to Miami to London, and 10 days later I flew from London to New York, three days later from New York to Tucson. I paid for a friend to fly from Jacksonville, Fla, to Miami, then Miami to London with me.

10 days later we flew from London to New York, and three days later she flew from New York to Jacksonville. We never encountered a rude AA employee, nor did we EVER have one piece of bad service.

I guess you get what you give out. Think about that the next time you fly with ANY Airline!


I fly AA all the time and there are rarely any problems. When there are problems the airline solves them.

I will have to say to comment nbr 3 that when they posted this it was before the SkyLink so they probably did have to walk.

Honestly these days flying is like taking a bus; same class of people as a rule. Thank God for first class and that blue curtain providing protection from those hordes in the back.


woops i meant below (my first time here)


you can tell the guy above me is an aa representative lol


Please, if you really walked that far to get to the tram station, you missed one on the way. I know DFW airport like the back of my hand and it does not take a 1/3 mile walk to get to the tram stations, I really like it when people exaggerate on here just because they are mad.

Also, American only holds planes if there were a certain number of people from one flight needing to get on the plane they are holding. One late plane delays the entire rest of the country for AA. You wouldn't be complaining if you were one of the people the plane was held for.

And I think the gate agent was absolutely correct to respond to you like that. I'm sure you mother didn't say in a sugar sweet voice please can we have a hotel voucher. Instead she probably demanded that.

I also highly doubt you will never fly AA again, good luck getting to DFW cheaply on any other airline.

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